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Top Tips for Hydrated Skin this Summer

Breakouts, irritation and dry patches are just a few symptoms that our skin endures during the Holy Month which happens…

Breakouts, irritation and dry patches are just a few symptoms that our skin endures during the Holy Month which happens to fall in the summer months. This is usually as a result of fasting, sleeping less and the region’s hot and humid weather. With all this thrown right at our faces, we have to come up with a whole lot of skin hydration and extra TLC to keep it happy and hydrated. Since we don’t like pulling tips out of thin air, media personality and Neutrogena brand ambassador Mariam Said was at hand to share her top three skin hydration tips for flawless skin – inside and out – during Ramadan and summer in general.

Simple Skin Hydration Tips

Just Keep Moisturizing

Skin hydration does not come naturally so you have to moisturize at least twice a day to keep your skin glowing and fresh, preferably with a lotion rich in Hyaluronic Acid – which has the capacity to attract and hold, 1000 times its weight in moisture. Mariam uses the Hydro-Boost City Shield Hydrating Lotion SPF 25 which contains Hyaluronic Acid that works to replenish skin with a juicy boost of intense hydration. It also preserves the skin’s barrier so it can actively defend against external aggressors such as pollution, air condition, and the sun.

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Eye Moisturizing

Did you know that the eyes are the first to show signs of fatigue and dehydration? Don’t forget to moisturize around your eyes before hitting the road, to keep you looking fresh and awake. Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Eye-Refreshing Cream awakens tired-looking eyes with an intense shot of skin hydration. This refreshing gel formula smooths and revitalizes the skin to banish the tell-tale signs of fatigue.

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Drink Lots of Water when Breaking your Fast

You’ve probably heard this many times over, but the best way to maintain skin hydration is from the inside. After breaking your fast make sure to drink plenty of water. And for added freshness, drop in a few slices of cucumber or berries to give your body a dose of antioxidants.

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