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Top stories: Pixel at startup, Hangouts shutdown, Xiaomi Mi Band

In this week's best stories: We're considering getting a Pixel phone on launch day is worth your time and money,…

In this week’s best stories: We’re considering getting a Pixel phone on launch day is worth your time and money, uncovering the inevitable closure of Google Hangouts and check out a great way to get started with Google Fit from Xiaomi.

Our Ben Schoon took the top of the week with a comment that seems to have resonated with many (and their wallets). For almost all people, a Pixel phone at launch does not make sense, between the early adoption of the face and discounts offered just two months after the launch.

The problem is that with Pixel 3 promotions and discounts made by Google this year, the company gives a clear message &#821

1; stop buying phones early . Of course you may feel good if you get the new phone before anyone else, but I’m willing to bet it for the vast majority of users, that feeling is not worth literally hundreds of dollars.

Yesterday, we reported that Google’s Hangouts app will be shut down sometime 2020, according to an internal roadmap. Since the report, the Hangouts Product Manager has clearly clarified that all that he refers to as “classic Hangouts” will be turned off, meaning Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat are in place for existing business customers and soon for all consumers.

Google’s suspension of the app in terms of development and its assumed possible death, many have already transitioned from using it. However, Hangouts is still the prominent chat option in Gmail on the web, and the app is still in the Google Play Store until this day.

Quit Hangouts has come a long time, so if the retirement is still over a year away, it’s surprising here.

Damien also got the chance to spend some time with the affordable Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and judge it from the perspective of Google Fit. Overall, he was very impressed, especially at his ridiculously reasonable price.

In Assistant News, Google Assistant received a great update in time for the vacation, including some features featured on Google I / O this year, such as Pretty Please. Broadcast responses and a host of minor updates to the smart display interface are now also live.

In addition to the launch of Digital Wellbeing, Pretty Please Google Home as a family-friendly device. The function is designed to encourage courteous manners such as “thanks” and “thank you” in commands. In turn, the assistant will answer back with “lovely answers”, including “Thank you for asking so nicely.”

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