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Top electric toothbrush toothbrushes worth your money

People often forget the importance of dental hygiene! During this 21st century, we do everything we can to improve their…

People often forget the importance of dental hygiene! During this 21st century, we do everything we can to improve their physics, from training to surgical procedures and makeup, to impress and attract the public, we usually forget about health and what really matters. One of the most neglected spheres for many people is their teeth and gums, and lack of hygiene can cause major health problems, with diminishing gums is a very tough and patient. Fortunately, all problems in life are soluble, and this is the one with proper treatment and care, but before I give you the possible solutions, let’s take a deeper look in this special condition.

Returning gums manifests with the gum line looking as if it retreats, which gives the teeth unprotected and more prone to bacteria and other types of infection. The symptoms that often follow are: chewing pain, red gum, bad breath, strange taste in the mouth and even tingling teeth. Although residual gums may occur due to bad habits like smoking or physical injury, the common cause is poor oral hygiene, which leads us to the conclusion that the best way to treat the remaining gums is to improve it.

The main instrument for good dental hygiene is a good toothbrush and takes everything in the case, electric toothbrush for declining gums may be the right choice. The benefits of it are many: it’s easy to use (you only need to point left or right), a good removes all plaques and possible bacteria from your teeth and reduces the gum, it massages your gums that give you a nice feeling and has even an effect on teeth bleaching. In view of this, it is important to invest in a good quality toothbrush to reduce the gums, because all the less can have a contradictory effect. Let’s have a look at the best out there:

1. Phillips Sonicare 3 Series Electric Toothbrush

Source: Philips

Who would have believed the big company Phillips in making electric toothbrushes? Apparently they are, and they are also really good at it.

There are several reasons to indicate why this has peaked our list. First of all, while some may not take it as relevant, many dentists around the world recommend it, and at least there must be some truth in it. Secondly, we continued to try it, and it really does a great job. With three intensity levels, you can only set it right for your gum sensitivity and enjoy the experience without any discomfort. It also has much better plaque cleaning ability than the usual brushes that can be seen at first use. In the end, it has a good battery life and it’s incredibly easy to use. Only two minor disadvantages are that the grip may not be so convenient, and some customers say that the buttons slow down after a year of intensive use.

Still, for the price you get it on, this is a hell of an investment, and we would definitely recommend it.

2. Fairywill Electric Toothbrush


While this may not come from the most well-known brand, it’s definitely a great toothbrush. To begin with, it has few levels of sensitivity, which makes it much easier to use, as you know when it’s time to lower it a little. It also has a long battery life, which only requires 4-5 hours of charge for the whole month. Is not that good? The plaster cleaning ability is very versatile and deep and leaves no residue.

I have to say that the grip is a little better on this than the Phillips-one, but the travel bag they offer is a bit shaky.

Still, this must be one of the best on the market, and it’s a safe purchase.

3. Oral-B Pro SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush


One thing that is made of a world-famous dentist Oral B and a world-famous smart brand Braun can not fail. Their SmartSeriesTootbrush is amazing for some reasons. First and foremost, it has a timer as well as a sensor button that guides you for so long, and with what pressure you should clean your teeth and gums. Together with it, there are 5 cleaning modes, with dental care products that are just the right ones to solve your problem.

It’s also very easy to use, and without any major disadvantages than the fact that the timer can stop working after intensive use, it’s an excellent choice for all of you.

4. Waterpick Sensonic Professional Electric Toothbrush


This is for you all who are looking for the low budget version that still makes the trick. It’s plaque cleaning abilities compared to manual toothbrush is much bigger as well as ease of use. The brush is really gentle and, and it helps to lower the gum as well as bad breath.

In the end, although it may not have all the modes and speeds that previously offered toothbrushes have, it’s still a good choice.

5. Phillips SonicareFlexCare Electric Toothbrush


We leave this to the end because it’s a bit more expensive than the ones before, but there’s a reason for it. With all the great features of the Phillips Sonicare 3 Series brush, all modes and speeds, this comes with a good travel package, an easy-to-load charger, and a complete package to accompany. [19659002] It does a great job around, and that’s just what you need if you’re always on time and do not mind it!

To conclude this, I would like to express the importance of investing in good dental hygiene once again because your health is the only thing that matters!

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