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Tommy Robinson: Will Tommy Robinson be released today – will he be imprisoned? | UK | News

Tommy Robinson raised a crowd outside the Old Bailey Courthouse today, just before joining the court for what was thought…

Tommy Robinson raised a crowd outside the Old Bailey Courthouse today, just before joining the court for what was thought to be a day-long hearing.

Robinson – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – had been detained in August but released after procedural failures and is now facing a new trial.

Speaked to fans who chanted “Oh Tommy Tommy” and blasting klaxons as the former English defense leader led to court, Robinson claimed that he “had already won.”

“We want Tommy out,” screamed when they filmed him as arriving at London’s highest court on their phones.

Will Tommy Robinson be imprisoned again?

The hearing was expected to last all day, but within a few minutes, Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC referred the contempt case to the Attorney Board after receiving a statement from Robinson on Monday.

The referee added the case to be referenced after hearing the “nature and extent of the controversies” in a letter.

The court also heard in the current view that lawyers could not make an appropriate review of the evidence.

“I think it’s necessary to look at a lot of detail that Yaxley-Lennon said in the broadcast to get to the overall picture what happened, said the referee.

Tommy Robinson outside court before its hearing today (Image: AFP)

“I am pleased in the light of the questions that they now appear as they emerged from the statement yesterday that a review of Yaxley-Lennon is necessary for a thorough and thorough investigation and resolution of the case of public interest.

Robinson was released on the castle.

Why was Tommy Robinson back in court?

Tommy Robinson was imprisoned in May 2018 for 13 months for contempt of the court after he streamed a live video outside Leeds Crown Court on May 2, 5 this year.

The trial had strict reporting restrictions and was subject to registration restrictions for constraints under the law’s contempt to ensure that linked attempts did not collapse.

The arrangement in section 4 (2) made it illegal for anyone, in any format, to publish information about the matter until the last attempt had been completed.

Judge Mason, who watched the Facebook Live video in court, said it was “very harmful” to the accused. 19659002] May 25 The incident came after a similar question on May 8, 2017, when Robinson filmed a camera – both at the court stage and inside the court building, which is is forbidden under section 41 of the Criminal Code.

After May 8, 201 cases, Robinson gave a three month sentence that was interrupted for 18 months.

But when he was guilty of contempt in court in May this year, this opinion was activated.

Tommy Robinson spoke with followers outside Old Bailey today

The judge at Leeds Crown Court then detained him for 10 months – reduced from 15 months since he

And the previously suspended three-month contempt for the court was added so Robinson was imprisoned for a total of 13 months

However, in August, Robinson was released to the castle after winning an appeal against contempt for court trial.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett ruled that the case would be heard after identifying technical and other failures.

Robinson’s attorneys said everyone has the right to a fair trial.

It does not matter what s If I happen today I have already won.

Tommy Robinson

The Court of Appeal then ordered Robinson to attend a new hearing on the matter. If this time was owed, Robinson could be sent back to prison.

The forthcoming hearing with the Advocate General will investigate allegations of contempt for the court.

But the former EDL leader told the crowds he won whether he was sent back to prison.

Robinson told his supporters today outside Old Bailey: “Regardless of what’s happening today I’ve already won.

His trial was sent to the lawyer (Image: AFP)

“Their attempts to silence and stop people have knowledge of the Muslim rape raids that terrorize our nation.

“The whole world is now watching.”

He instructed the government, police and social services to “sacrifice one generation of our daughters into the hands of the multicultural altar.”

The media is “the enemy of the people,” screamed Robinson, encouraging the audience to reply: “Shame on you “.

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