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Tokyo Medical School offers places to women after sexism scandal | World News

A Japanese medical school in the center of a sexism row has offered places for dozens of women unfairly rejected…

A Japanese medical school in the center of a sexism row has offered places for dozens of women unfairly rejected in favor of male candidates.

Tokyo Medical University said this week that it would accept women whose test results were deliberately marked down to limit the number of female students.

The school, which attracted a storm of criticism when the exercise was exposed in the summer, also raised the score of male candidates so that it could secure a steady stream of men into medical care.

The school counted a large number of women over a decade and said that female doctors tend to quit the profession when they start families, creating staff cards at clinics and hospitals.

University president Yukiko Hayashi apologized and said 67 women who had been unfairly excluded in the last two years could take up their seats in April.

“We will lead us fair trial and never allow a repeat of this inappropriate exercise,” said Hayashi, who became the first female president of the school in September. “No one shall be discriminated against because of gender. There are many female doctors who do a wonderful job. “

It was not immediately clear how many women would accept the offer, as many already have graduated at other universities.

Hayashi, who was appointed After she pursued her predecessor in connection with bribery, he refused to explain how the university would deal with male students whose graduation points had been stopped.

The school acknowledged in August that it intentionally had changed entrance examinations since 2006 to limit the number of female students and make more men a doctor.

The exercise which has been used in other medical schools was revealed during an investigation of the alleged “back door” of a bureau of the education ministry in exchange for favorable treatment of the university in obtaining research funds.

The bureaucrat and the former head of the school have been charged with bribery. [19659002] The survey found t had this year’s entrance examination school reduced all searches Spirit’s first-stage test result by 20% and then added at least 20 points for male applicants, except those who failed the test at least four times.

Two women who took the entrance examination in recent years told the guardian that they felt “betrayed” when they learned that they could be among those whose points had been manipulated.

Last month, 24 women claimed that the school paid them 100,000 yen (880 dollars) each damage to “emotional distress”, along with their test fees and travel expenses.

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