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Today, we are one step closer to logging into the browser with the fingerprint

The fingerprint reader reached our months ago, and although it seems that the facial recognition sensors will end with him, We already warn you from here that this will not happen . The future passes through terminals without frames, and while the readers under screen are fully prepared, manufacturers play with these biometric sensors.

Google is a pioneer in launching APIs to integrate the fingerprint reader in several applications. Gmail or the bank’s apps are clear examples of how we can identify ourselves in a matter of seconds , just by dropping our finger on the reader. Today, we talk to you about a new web standard that will allow log in through fingerprint , something that we have been waiting for, and that is closer to reaching the whole world.

WebAuthn, the new standard for logging using fingerprint

Mozilla Firefox for Android

As we can read in 9to5Google , WebAuthn is a new web standard, already compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Edge . Maybe, in the next few months, we will start to see tests in the beta versions of these browsers, something we would like a lot. On Android, currently, we can not login in browsers with the fingerprint reader .

This new standard would end this impediment, so we could login with our fingerprint inside the browser . Undoubtedly, something much faster and more efficient than entering the password manually, so we will receive it with open arms if it is implemented in the most popular browsers.

Tell us, if you are one of those who prefer the traditional login, or if instead, you prefer to use your fingerprint reader . From here, we are fans of fast logos with fingerprint reader or biometric recognitions, so we hope as may water this web implementation, how well it will come to us all.

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