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Titans: Hawks and Doves secrets

Hawk and Dove makes his big entry on Titans section 2, called "Hawk and Dove." Their arrival marks an immediate…

Hawk and Dove makes his big entry on Titans section 2, called “Hawk and Dove.” Their arrival marks an immediate change for the series, which becomes less if Dick Grayson’s post-Batman issues Robin and a bit more about establishing a fully-lived-in world of DC superheroes. Created by legendary Steve Ditko (by Spider-Man and Doctor Strange Fame), the pair was originally Hank and Don Hall, a couple of superhero brothers, before being torn by Karl and Barbara Kesel like Hank Hall and Dawn Granger.

Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly on Titans TV DC Universe Hawk and Dove is a veteran couple of law enforcement officers who may be looking for a way out of the difficult lifestyle that superheroing creates. Ritchson’s world-crazed and angry Hawk is a perfect counterpoint to Kelly’s peaceful and understanding Dove, and the pair is so convincing on the screen that the impression is that the characters can carry their own series if needed.

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And while the most important part of this is chemistry and karisma of Ritchson and Kelly, it’s also a certain cool factor to play because they both play what they can be The best superhero costumes on the screen right now. But what’s good for viewers is not always good for the actors. And especially Ritchson suffered while the costume was designed.

“They really poured their hearts and souls into it, but I had to become a mannequin,” told Ritchson for reporters at NYCC. “It was hours and hours to push and pull and bolts dug in. They really built it from scratch.”

And while Ritchson sees a lot of superhero on the screen in the red and white costume, the real superheroing makes it difficult. Unnamed: Love’s “wings” styling must be held by metal rods so they always move as they should.

“It’s super uncomfortable,” he says. “It does not like moving. Because this cap is so heavy the coat is like 30 pounds or something … it’s just all heavy. I was bolted and screwed together and I’d take it off at the end of the day and the chest would blow. “

Of course, despite its disadvantages, but he knows how cool it looks.” And now I can not pee all day, “Ritchson joke.” It’s a love-hated relationship. I think they did a good job jobs that honor the series, and it’s really hard to translate what you can draw on one page to our dimension, and they did a great job.

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Minka Kelly’s Dove costume presents challenges with its own, with a similar 30lb wing rich. “We have supersuit teams that come in and hold our wings for us,” says Kelly. “I have a big harness under my suit that can spread the weight of the wings so that I can fight with them and use them as a shield. That’s fun, though. As soon as you turn it on, you’re like “Wow! I’m ready to fight!” “

And fight they do. And true to the character of the characters, Hawk and Dove fight in very different ways.” They’ve given us all our own specific ways of fighting, “says Kelly.” [Dove] was a ballerina, she was in jiu-jitsu, and she was a gymnast. Her fight is more like a dance and Hawk is a sharp Robin has his cape and his [kali sticks] and everyone has their own specific way of doing things that I think is really cool. But it’s frustrating in the rehearsals, because [Alan] gets his choreography in ten minutes because he just throws a lot of punches, and I chop and dive and dance. Our stunt coordinators are incredible and I have such a fantastic stunt double. “

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Ritchson already has a background in heavy roles, worked on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and as Raphael in the last Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The movies. “I’ve always played someone who has to fight,” he says. “So it’s just a little different version of this kind of martial arts.”

And while Hawk and Dove we meet I Titans has episode 2 fought for at least four years, we will eventually learn its original story. Titan’s section 10 will focus on its early days. “It’s before they’re Hawk and Dove and you get see them when they meet, “says Kelly.” Akiva Goldsman and Geoff Johns wrote that episode and Akiva directed it. Everyone is a little movie so it’s just been so fun and I’m so drawn to the world that Akiva and Geoff have been able to create, the balance between making it the most adult, real, cruel, violent version of a superhero show you’ve ever seen while still holding the superhero aspect of it. “

Since we get a parental origin, DC Universe may take the chance of a spinoff along the line. But if nothing else, we should see more of Hawk and Dove in the future, like Titans

Titans is flying new episodes every Friday on DC Universe.

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