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Titanic 2: 5 Quick Facts You Need To Know

Wikimedia Commons Titanic A long-awaited copy of the infamous Titanic can be safe and ready for its virgin until 2020.…

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A long-awaited copy of the infamous Titanic can be safe and ready for its virgin until 2020. The new ship will be a perfect copy of the first Titanic ocean, but of course Titanic II will be equipped with many lifeboats and a well-built hull so it does not come to the same tragic end as Titanic.

The original Titanic came to a tragic end of his virgin in 1

912, when it struck an iceberg and dropped. 1500 people died in the crash of luxury food.

Here’s what you need to know about Titanic II:

1. Titanic II will carry passengers from London to New York

The Australian Businessman and Politician Clive Palmer has thrown his support behind a project aimed at restoring honor and glamor of the famous Titanic Ocean Liner. Palmer announced that the Blue Star Line company has worked with a copy of Titanic. But this is not just a show-ship: the new sea-ship should be safe by 2020.

Titanics II virgin will take passengers from Dubai to New York City. Thereafter, the ship will transport passengers on the London-New York line across the Atlantic. There has not been a message yet about how much the Atlantic crossing will cost passengers. But Titanic II is billed as a luxury experience, so we can assume that even a third-class quay does not go to peanuts.

2nd New Liner WIll offers passengers an “authentic Titanic Experience” – minus the disaster

We know, of course, that the original Titanic did not come to a good end. The Blue Star Line company, which is behind the plans to build Titanic II, is eager to replicate all the glamor of the original Titanic, while the disaster that broke down the famous ocean file is under way.

Titanic II will have exactly the same cabin design and decor as the original ship. It will offer three classes of tickets, just as the original cruiser did. But Titanic II will be equipped with lifeboats, and with the latest security measures that protect the ship from sinking, for example, it’s hit an iceberg.

“Blue Star Line will create an authentic Titanic experience, giving passengers a ship that has the same interior and cabin layout as the original ship, while integrating modern security procedures, 21st century navigation methods and technology to produce the highest level of luxury comfort” , says Clive Palmer.

3rd Chinese engineers build their own replica of Titanic, but their will never settle

A couple of years ago, the Chinese state-owned Xinhua news agency announced that the work began on a full-sized replica of Titanic oceanic sailors. The twist? This Titanic replica will never see the ocean. Xinhua announced that the ship will remain docked in a reservoir in Daying County, in China’s Sichuan Province.

Visitors will be able to embark on the Titanic response and walk around the entire ship, which will include a ballroom, theater, pool and premium first class cabins, all made to replicate the interior of the original Titanic. The Sichuan Seven Star Energy Investment Group is financing this project and has already invested at least 1 billion yuan, or $ 145 million in the construction of the vessel.

4th The work of Titanic II was stalled for several years in connection with a financial dispute with the Chinese government

Clive Palmer has long built Titanic II. But in 2015, the work of the reply was screamed after Palmers flagship company, Minerology, in an economic dispute with Citic Limited, a company owned by the Chinese government. Minerology is the parent company of Blue Star, which builds Titanic II.

Palmer said that Citic Limited “exported millions of mineralogical resources and refused to pay for them”, which created a major financial burden for the company. By the end of 2017, an Australian court ordered with Palmer, who ordered Citic Limited to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in back royal payments to Mineralogy. That’s when Palmer announced that the work would start again on Titanic II.

5th Titanic II will have 9 tires and accommodate up to 2,435 passengers

Titanic II is supposed to be a faithful copy of the original ocean lining. It will have nine tires and will be equipped with 835 cabins. And just like the original, passengers will be able to buy either first, second or third class tickets on board the feed. It is not clear how much the different tickets will cost, but it seems unlikely that even a third-class ticket aboard the new Titanic will be cheap or that the conditions will be as clumsy as they were on the original ship.

Blue Star says the ship will be able to accommodate up to 2435 passengers.

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