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Tips you Need to Know about Breastfeeding

Everyone is talking about the benefits of breastfeeding, especially recently, as widespread campaigns have been encouraging it for its many benefits to both the mother and the child, such as increasing his immunity and strengthening their emotional bond. Unfortunately, the amount of food that lactating mothers usually consume increases, because their bodies are working all the time to produce milk, so, if you’re breastfeeding please follow these tips to make the best out of this experience for you and for your baby

Eating a healthy balanced diet

Your food affects the amount and quality of milk, so you have to get a good and balanced amount of food. Many mothers seek to lose the weight they gained during pregnancy after childbirth, so they go on strict diets, and although these diets do not affect the milk much, they affect your body, as the body will resort to its natural reserves to produce energy and milk, which will lead to your exhaustion and inability to take care of your child properly. What you need to do is eat small meals along with snacks to control the hunger and have high energy levels.

Do not count calories

As someone who’s breastfeeding, you will need 500 calories extra more than other women, meaning your body will require 2000 to 2500 calories a day, please notice that the number of calories you need depends on your weight, how active you are, your metabolism and how many times your baby feeds during the day.

Lose weight steadily and slowly

You must not rush into losing weight as that will affect your health negatively, instead, follow a healthy and rich diet based on your activity, your metabolism and your food choices.

Do not start your diet before your baby is two months old, because it may affect the production of milk while causing you to lose energy, also, it’s preferable to focus on a diet that makes you lose half a kilogram a month.

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