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Tinder has just presented a new feature designed to make it easier for us to find our better half, or simply meet people with whom to connect at different levels. The name of this new feature is Tinder Places and aims to make it easier for us to meet people from our area.

Tinder Places is based on a very logical premise, so you can look for a partner in distant destinations when maybe the love of your life always goes to the same bar as you.

With Tinder Places you control everything.

The operation of Tinder Places is quite simple, since we only have to go to the button located at the top of the screen next to the classic flame and click on the place indicator.

Once we press where it puts Turn Places On , our location will begin to be shared with the other people who have also started this service.

Tinder Places lets you flirt in the places you frequent

Tinder Places lets you flirt in the places you frequent

Tinder Places is aware that facilitating our location to other unknown people can be dangerous and that is why it has certain limitations focused on keeping our privacy safe at all times:

  • We decide when to activate or deactivate Tinder Places, so only when we want to meet people will our location be shared, It is not a permanent service.
  • The ubication it is not shown in real time: This is the most important feature to safeguard our privacy, since it prevents someone from looking for us somewhere without there being a match and bothering us. The waiting time to appear in one place is usually half an hour.
  • No person will have full access to our map of places , and only people who have shared the same location as us, can know that we were there.
  • After 28 days of our visit to a site, our location will disappear.

Therefore, with Tinder Places the range of possibilities to meet people is greatly expanded, while at the same time we have control over our privacy, since the application will never show other places of our private life such as banks, homes or centers. doctors

Do you think that this function will triumph or that it will only be a problem for our privacy?