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Tim Green reveals ALS diagnosis in the Facebook record

November 15, 2018 Health 3 Views (WSYR TV) – He was a star football player at the Liverpool High School,…

(WSYR TV) – He was a star football player at the Liverpool High School, All American at Syracuse, continuing to a long NFL career, Wednesday night Tim Green revealed that he has ALS.

Green, now living in Skaneateles, continued to become a writer, lawyer and commentator after his NFL career.

Green made his turn with ALS public in a Facebook post.

It’s okay when life is a fight …
While the football plan is far away, I find myself in a formidable battle.
Over the past five years, I’ve dealt with some neurological problems in my hands. At first, the doctor believed that the damage that I had done to my elbows in football was the guilty, so they worked to let go of the nerves, but the problem continued and my voice began to weaken too. That’s the only reason I have to stop visiting schools to talk to the kids. Finally, I was diagnosed with ALS. That’s the bad news.
Now the good news: ALS has different shapes as different conditions. Of course, I would rather not like it at all, I am extremely grateful that my is a slower version of the disease.
I’m also blessed to have Dr. Merit Cudkowicz at Mass General Hospital as my doctor. She is one of the world’s leading ALS specialists, but the ALS survey is grossly underfinanced and together with friends you can make a big difference to those who have the disease and those who will get it in the future.
As always, I will spend the coming days and the years count on the blessings I have instead of pining for the things I do not. Today I’m going for a walk. I will work and write and kiss all my children and my beautiful wife. It’s a good day. As good as it gets …
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