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Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson in $ 9 million winner-take-all match

They have talked about it for several months. Finally, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will actually go down to play…

They have talked about it for several months. Finally, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will actually go down to play their $ 9 million winner-take-all match. From the first shot to the side bats, in the end we have covered each hole in its journey around the Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas.

Scoreboard: Mickelson 1-up through 4 holes

Four hole: Couple 5, 564 yards

Match’s first good good. Woods wide of tee, but finds his way to get in position for a birdie 5-footer. Mickelson finds the fairway and is located just next to the green in two. He marks to 5 meters. They are pausing for a moment or two, so agree whether both wells are good and continue.

The front niona favors a pale to the left and a draw to the right. Phil loves to turn pale because it’s easy to control. Tiger hates “hook” on both the 3rd and 4th holes when a drawing was necessary. Woods hit a pale and is in trouble again.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer 1

9m Since

Third Hole: Pairs 4,476 yards

They took different paths to the hole, but both end up with pairs. Woods was wild of tee and had to shrink, sliding his pair of putt in the side door. Mickelson still plays – fairway, green, two putts. Different ways to make pairs, but the same end result.

Other holes: Par 4, 430 yards

First hiccup. When both players lack green with short irons in their hands, Woods can not convert from the inside of three feet. The fun game plays: Make the opponent put them.

Two holes for Tiger. So far, we have been “dusted” three times from Tiger.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, 36m ago

TIGER MISSES A 3 & # 39; pair put on the 2nd hole !!! He went early! Phil goes 1up!

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer 37m since

And with the missed pit of Tiger, Phil Mickelson pays on +260 to win Hole 2. The odds for the match at MGM are -115 for both golfers.

Ben Fawkes, ESPN Staff Writer 35m since

First Hole: Pairs 4, 379 yards

Woods and Mickelson hit both jars of the first tee and leave themselves in great shape. Tiger hits his approach to 10 meters, but his birdie slips off on the right side. Phil has 9.1 feet for birdie, which is worth more than just a 1-member lead. His pre-round side bet was that he would make a birdie at No. 1, a bet worth $ 200,000.

Putt misses, and the hole is halved. But … Mickelson loses $ 200,000.

“It hurts your pocket,” said Woods.

Phil can not convert first and Tiger has extra $ 200K for his reason. Tiger quipped “good speed”, as Phil claims that the well did not break. All square through one.

Bob Harig, ESPN Senior Writer 51m ago

Tiger and Phil wander down the first fairway that makes small talk, talk about the weather and the course and their children.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, 58m ago

Before the round …

Over 77 percent of the money at MGM at Phil Mickelson before

Ben Fawkes, ESPN Staff Writer 1 hour since

A reminder that the game does not start slowly. Phil Mickelson will win $ 200,000 from Tiger Woods if he birds the 415 farm, par 4. For Tiger, the money will get if Phil does not. Phil first suggested $ 100,000 and Tiger asked to double it. , with the money coming from each player, and the winner can donate to charity according to his choice.

Bob Harig, ESPN Senior Writer 1 hour ago

Trash talk has begun …
Phil: Tiger, you decided to go with red today? Looks good at you.
Tiger: You went with black, huh? Very slimming.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, 2 hours ago

Tiger and Phil are getting some work on

Bob Harig, ESPN Senior Writer 2h ago

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