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Three top tips for health and fitness this Ramadan

Gymnation’s Elliot Bendelow discusses his top three tips to maximise your workout routine and meet your fitness goals which could…

Gymnation’s Elliot Bendelow discusses his top three tips to maximise your workout routine and meet your fitness goals which could be fat loss, lean muscle gain or just maintaining your weight during the month of fasting.

It is important to maximise your nutrition intake by swapping fast food and other easy treats with healthier food options, stay adequately hydrated, pair it with the right workout routines and of course preparation is key.

Fasting can be difficult but breaking a fast can be even more difficult. To break your fast safely and responsible try to stick with the daily recommended water intake (around 3 litres or 9 cups) before and after the fast. Try to eat balanced meals and whole foods as close to nature as possible such as; sweet potatoes, oats, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins such as chicken and fish.

Wait for 30 to 60 minutes after Iftar to let your food digest before you start your workout.

While a lot of other “stuff” comes into play, we start with cardio. Try and avoid High-Intensity workouts and focus more on Low-Intensity cardio to minimise dehydration for about 30 to 40 minutes. Ensure that you keep your maximum heart rate at around 65-70 per cent which is calculated as 220 minus your age.

While moderate exercises are advised, weightlifting and strength training are perfectly fine to keep up and help avoid muscle loss. Use this period to perfect your squats, deadlifts, and bench press.

So, right after your workout, you don’t want to have a huge meal. Well, not if you want to maintain or lose weight. Eat modest portions or have a protein shake. You can have a slightly larger meal approximately an hour or two before going to bed. Pro tip: Set your alarm at around 3 am to have something light like Greek yogurt to ensure that you get the right amount of protein.

While Ramadan requires most people, who are fasting, to make significant changes to their usual routine, I recommend most of my clients at GymNation to stick to their usual workout routine as much as possible. It is all about figuring what works best for you. That’s going to set you up for success, stay on course and fit.

Spotlight Elliot Bendelow:

Elliot has been a personal trainer since 2009, he specialises in body transformations, competition prep, and boot-camps including GymNation’s brand extension line; the ‘GO2MAX’ programmes, which are designed and led by him.

With Elliot you can expect a holistic workout routine paired with practical and scientific based concepts, educational and nutrition programs.

His achievements include NABBA West Britain Body Building Champion in 2013 & 2014, NABBA British Finals Top 6 in 2014, and the NABBA Wales Champion in 2015.

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