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Three reasons why you should follow Andro4all on Instagram

In case you still have not heard, We have inaugurated our official account on Instagram ! Many people have written…

Three reasons why you should follow Andro4all on Instagram

In case you still have not heard, We have inaugurated our official account on Instagram ! Many people have written to us asking if we had an account, if they could follow us there, how can they contact us to ask us questions … and how the wishes of our readers are orders for us , Then we have launched into the adventure! However, now an important question arises: Why should you follow Andro4all on Instagram? In this article you will leave doubts.

There are many reasons that we could give you for follow us on Instagram , but in this article we have collected the three that seem most important to us. Do you want to know them? Well take paper and pen, we started.

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Why you should follow Andro4all on Instagram

1. Because you will have the most interesting content in a cool format (and we will not give you the turra)

In Instagram we publish content daily, from news and news to tricks, recommendations of apps, suggestions of personalization and opinion . We do this in a visual, attractive, with little text and putting special attention to the image and design. Of course, we do not publish everything that appears on the website, because that would be physically impossible. We only publish the best, what most interests you. In fact, this week we covered the launch of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S and the new Huawei range tops from Instagram in a different way. You can see it below.

We are aware that many other accounts publish an overwhelming amount of content that is not always interesting. The result? Just get tired . We are not going to give you turra, we are not going to be heavy , and when you see something you will do it because it will surely interest you. Since you follow us, unless you see something that you like!

Not to mention, of course, of live events . Just imagine following the MWC 2019 through the Stories on our Instagram profile, being the first to know the new smartphones, tablets, launches and curiosities. It sounds good, right?

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2. Because we answer your questions and questions

Do you have doubts about how to do something on your phone? Would you like to comment on a current topic and comment with us? Do you want to know how to perform X or Y task on your mobile? Do you need to change your smartphone and do not know which one to choose? Well here we are to help you! You just have to send us a message by Direct (they are open to the public) and explain what happens to you, we will attend to the speed of lightning!

Do you have a bug in your phone that you do not know what it means? Well you send us a screenshot, we look at it and we help you. Does your Android do weird things? So you record a video and we take a look. Do you need an app to do anything? Well, we send you a link with our personal recommendation. All this from a single platform and from your smartphone , Easier impossible!

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3. Because you will put us face

Behind the Andro4all account there is not a single person, but there is A whole team of people who will be happy to help you . We will upload Stories in which we will appear, and thus you will be able to face us. With this we want you to know that, behind everything that is done in Andro4all, there is a human team made up of people like you . People in love with technology and Android, whose only goal is to make your experience much more satisfying.

Andro4all is a huge community formed by more than half a million people . Through Instagram we want to take this community, the interactions, the conversations, the debates and the information to the next level, And we need you for it! You dare?

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