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This will be the Lenovo Z5, the mobile with fewer screen frames on the market


Lenovo has been somewhat stopped in the mobile phone sector, where it seems to have given much of the role to Motorola, the brand that absorbed Lenovo a while ago and the same last month presented in society the new Moto G6 , Moto G6 Plus Y Moto G6 Play . However it seems that the Chinese firm has an “Ace” in the sleeve in the form of Lenovo Z5 .

Already a few days ago the vice president of the Group Lenovo It was fitting that this year, specifically in June, the firm would return to the smartphone market in style with a new flagship. We do not know if to draw attention, the manager named his future top of range as the phone with the highest screen-body ratio ever seen. Today, Chang Cheng has shown in Weibo an image that confirms both the name and the design of this new smartphone.

Lenovo Z5

According to the publication made on Weibo, the new phone of the Chinese company has been baptized as Lenovo Z5 and should reach the market before the summer boasting a screen-to-body ratio of more than 95 percent. This would leave us a mobile with a design like the one that shows the image shared by the Chinese manufacturer’s executive:

This will be the Lenovo Z5, the mobile with fewer screen frames on the market

So far, the mobiles with less frames around the screen that we can find in the market are the Essential Phone , whose screen reaches almost 85% of the front of the phone, he Samsung Galaxy S9 , with 84.3% and the first Xiaomi Mi Mix , with 84.2%. This Lenovo phone would surpass all these phones by far, but leaves us some doubts.

And is that the sketch of Lenovo Z5 It shows that it will offer the largest screen space ever seen on a mobile phone, as it has no upper and lower bezels but … where are the front sensors of the smartphone as well as the camera for selfies? The image advances a metallic design, something that can be checked by noting the presence of antenna bands on the left edge of the phone. The lower bezel seems to have a USB-C port, but little else can be drawn from this sketch.

According to Cheng, the company Lenovo Z5 It has four technological advances and 18 new technologies that we will have to discover in the presentation of the mobile. Maybe we will find a new retractable camera system that allows to hide the front sensor? We hope to discover it in the coming days.