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This video shows us what an iPhone X (PRODUCT) RED would look like


During the last two days, Manzana has taken a special role for the launch of a special version from one of your iPhones. We refer to iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED , or what is the same, a iPhone 8 with bright red housing . A very attractive tone that has attracted the attention of thousands and thousands of users due to the intensity of the applied tone and the bright flashes of the case. What would an i look like Phone X (PRODUCT) RED ? The next video It takes us out of doubt.

We already mentioned it yesterday. Behind the marketing campaign of the red iPhones hides a collaboration with the Global Fund against AIDS . However, regardless of the money collected from the sale of the RED products in the Apple catalog, the finish and brightness of the bright red iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED It has been a desire of many users. And is that the exclusivity of iPhone 8 red He has not left anyone indifferent.

Video of iPhone X (PRODUCT) RED with bright red housing

So much so, that many wonder why Apple has not carried out the same initiative with the iPhone X. Why is not there a iPhone X (PRODUCT) RED with a case that looks as eye-catching as its range brother?

Although it is rumored that Apple prepares a version in golden color for iPhone X , there is no information that makes us think that it will do the same to launch an iPhone X red. However, from the Network we get the first works of the designers involved in the sector.

This video shows us what an iPhone X (PRODUCT) RED would look like

Such is the case of the Concept Creator account in Youtube . The same, which is customary to perform conceptual videos of models yet to reach the market, has created a render in iPhone X video in red color , something that could come true could well be the iPhone X (PRODUCT) RED .

Through the following video sequences we can see in detail how the iPhone X case would look if it adopted the same red color as the iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED. Undoubtedly, the model would offer a very striking and attractive aesthetic. What do you think? We leave you with the video so you can value yourselves.