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This video shows how the screen of an iPhone not repaired by Apple stops working with iOS 11.3


We counted it earlier this month. Manzana disabled the tactile function of iPhone 8 repaired by third parties once they were updated with iOS 11.3 . Today we bring you a video that shows how the last upgrade It is the cause of the problems. This effect is stressed in the case of iPhone X , where even Face ID it stops working.

Manzana has always been characterized by the desire to control their devices, to mark their rules and prevent any modification that is not in their domains. Apple wants and has full control of its platform. This has been demonstrated with iOS 11.3 , the latest version of its software that is the cause of screen and environmental sensor of the repaired iPhones outside the technical service of the company stop working. A test that has been recorded on video.

Apple sabotages the screen repair of their iPhones

Michael Oberdick, the owner of one of the repair shops of smartphones that released at the time the problems caused by Apple and its update in the form of iOS 11.3 on the iPhones repaired in their facilities, returns to the charge.

This video shows how the screen of an iPhone not repaired by Apple stops working with iOS 11.3

Although it has already been recorded that iOS 11.3 causes abnormal operation of the screen and sensors of the repaired iPhones outside the official department of Apple, the same Oberdick has wanted to offer irrefutable proof of what happened.

The following video makes clear that the replacing the screen of an iPhone 8 by another of different providers -component “unofficial” – causes problems, especially when the device is updated with iOS 11.3.

The iPhone X loses Face ID

And is that in the bars of the video you can see the test of four types of screens, including the official one. The unofficial, with iOS 11.0.2 , the digitizer works perfectly, although not the ambient light sensor. With iOS 11.3, some of the tested screens stop working. Of course, the ambient light sensor also still does not work.

The most extreme case is that of iPhone X , which even changing its screen for another iPhone X -component official- stops working the light sensor and the Facial recognition function Face ID .

Undoubtedly, a test that shows that Apple has included a change to cause failures in the screens of iPhones repaired with components not listed by Apple as “official”.