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This new malware is able to spy on everything you do on WhatsApp

This new malware is able to spy on everything you do on WhatsApp

Oh, the, If we never have a single week in which we are calm! We have already commented many times that Android, being an operating system so popular at a global level, is target of hackers and non grata people They seek to abuse their users for various purposes, not too good usually. This is exactly the same as what happens to Whatsapp . It is such a popular app that it has become cannon fodder for malware and exploits whose purpose is to abuse its users and steal your data.

Today, unfortunately, we are going to echo a malware discovered in the Middle East that is capable of spying absolutely everything do, write and send by. This has been discovered by the guys at Karpersky Lab and eye, because it has more crumb than you could imagine. The main countries affected are Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Iran , and the main means of dissemination Telegram and Watering Hole attacks *. Let’s get to know him better.

Zoopark, the malware capable of spying WhatsApp, Telegram and a host of messaging apps

This new malware is able to spy on everything you do on WhatsApp

This new malware is able to spy on everything you do on WhatsApp

As the higher title reads, Zoopark is a malware capable of spy on any messaging application . As it does? As our colleagues from, Zoopark works by taking screenshots , which, in a few words, makes it serve to capture any data that circulates through our mobile, from WhatsApp messages, images from our gallery, passwords, bank details, phone numbers and many more.

The malware It has four versions , each one has been improving since 2015, date from which it is estimated that it has been working. The first one was able to extract contacts and accounts, but the V4 is capable of Capture photos, video and audio, clipboard data and GPS information, make calls, send messages and access data from installed apps , being WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO and Chrome those that are configured by default.

The latest version is so sophisticated that Karpersky believes it has been purchased from a specialized entity.

The most interesting thing is that, according to, Zoopark has been developed by a local government , although they do not specify which one. In that way, the government could have been spying on the entire population without being aware of it at any time, an unprecedented breach of privacy. The funny thing is that only 100 infected devices have been detected , which leads to think Karpersky that the malware is aimed at certain people. Cyberespionage in every rule.

* The Watering Hole attack consists of infecting the devices of employees of a company or entity through a trusted website that they usually visit.