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This natural sugar supplement can help fight cancer

Mannos – a nutritional supplement – is found naturally in fruits that cranberries can help slow the growth of tumors…

Mannos – a nutritional supplement – is found naturally in fruits that cranberries can help slow the growth of tumors and improve cancer treatment, a study has shown.

The results showed that mannos improved the effects of chemotherapy in mice with several types of cancer including leukemia, osteosarcoma, ovarian and intestinal cancer. It reduced tumor growth, reduced tumor size and even helped increase the life of some mice.

Tumors use more glucose than normal healthy tissues. However, it is very difficult to control the amount of glucose in your body by diet alone. Researchers found that mannos can interfere with glucose in order to reduce how much sugar cancers can use.

“Tumors need a lot of glucose to grow, so it limits the amount they can use to slowly reduce cancer progression. The problem is that normal tissues need glucose too, so we can not completely remove it from the body.”

“In our spring study, we found a dose of mannose that could block enough glucose to lower tumor growth in mice, but not so much that normal tissues were affected, “said lead author Kevin Ryan, professor at Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute.

” This is early research, but hoping to find this perfect balance means that manos can be given in the future to cancer patients to improve chemotherapy without harming their overall health, “he added.

For the survey, published in the journal Nature, the team investigated first how mice with pancreas, lung or skin cancer responded when mannos were added to their drinking water and gave n as oral treatment. They found that addition of the supplement significantly reduced tumor growth and caused no apparent side effects.

To test how mannos can also affect cancer treatment, mice were treated with cisplatin and doxorubicin &#821

1; two of the most commonly used chemotherapy drugs.

Some cells responded well to treatment while others did not. It was also found that the presence of an enzyme that breaks down mannose into cells was a good indicator of how effective treatment was.


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