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This LG G7 ThinQ render confirms all colors that will be available

LG is one of the few companies that has not released any high-end terminals this year in April, except for…

LG is one of the few companies that has not released any high-end terminals this year in April, except for a slight renewal of the LG V30 that, really, is not very special. and this is not coincidence, but it must be to the new strategy that the company has chosen to follow in the mobile market.

However, what is clear is that soon or soon the firm will present its next terminal, the LG G7 ThinQ, which, for the moment, we do not know too much. But now, after a few leaks, we can finally see a more detailed render of the terminal, that shows us all the colors in which this will be available.

LG G7 Neo filtered

These are all colors in which we will see the LG G7 ThinQ

The LG G7 ThinQ is destined to be the smartphone that takes a step further the bet for the design of the Korean company, since, it seems, he’s also going to get on the notch’s car, as much as it weighs us.

In this way LG joins the same fashion as ASUS or Huawei, fairly consolidated companies in which we can place our trust. It will look like the iPhone X, yes, but certainly not for that reason it has a totally premium design.

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In view of the images that, for now, we have been able to see from this terminal, we can see how LG has opted for follow some design lines more similar to the LG V30 than the LG G6. And, in effect, the notch may hide.

On the other hand, the fingerprint reader will be located in the back of the terminal, just under the double camera, in the position that we like most for terminals without frames. On the other hand, the colors in which this terminal will be available are “Aurora Black”, “platinum gray”, “Moroccan Blue”, “Moroccan Blue (Matte)”, and “Raspberry Rose”. As you can see, you’ll have plenty to choose from, as usual in the LG flagships.

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