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This Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Photo may have revealed her ridiculous sweet nickname for her

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin may or may not have been married to the low back in September, due to…

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin may or may not have been married to the low back in September, due to the validity of some source-driven reports from TMZ and People who sharpened at that time. However, regardless of their nuptial status, Justin Bieber’s latest Instagram image with Hailey Baldwin – as he shared with the social platform late Friday night on November 9 – makes one thing quite clear: these two are very very in love. And to some extent, they seem to be proud to share that love with the internet. Mushy, affectionate pet name, and everything.

“Hunny Bulls punkin,” wrote Bieber, apparently addressing Baldwin (otherwise known as his “Hunny Bulls punkin”, apparently) in the new IG record caption. And for those who already get googly-eyed over Bieber, completely sweet nickname for their lady: You may want to hold on to the inevitable scream of worship for another minute. If you thought the mail’s texting was worth swapping, just wait until you get a glimpse of the included snapshot. The seemingly sincere &#821

1; here hope! Bieber and Baldwin are kissing while Baldwin’s arms are tightly sealed around her husband’s throat.

All the spirits still breathe out there? (Can anyone also discover Bieber’s adopted eyebrow tattoo in honor of his fiancé? Or is it “wife” now?) Since he first started social media with the intimate couple’s shot Friday night, Bieber posted up 5.7 million likes on Instagram – most of any photo published on the musician’s IG account since his child’s sister was born in mid-August. It does not feel like a coincidence, especially given that Bieber’s latest IG image with Baldwin (before the latest smooch picture, of course) was shared with the platform about 24 hours before, August 15th.

Interestingly, Friday night’s photo actually marked the parties’ expected return to Instagram (as a couple that is to say) after being a largely unexplained, multi-month hiatus. In a rather strong contrast to Baldwin and Bieber’s hilarious summer of love – crowned by both halves of the couple via social media after their July engagement – in the last two months or so, considerably less Baldwin-Bieber PDA floating around the social platform .

It does not say that the couple chose to lay low if their romance on IG was an indication of the stability or strength of Baldwin and Bieber’s relationship. Judging by the couple’s new smooching image (not to mention the ridiculous sweet caption, come on), it seems quite clear that their whirlwind feeling continues to be strong. It may have something to do with the rumors of marriage that made headlines back in September. The first one, from TMZ, claimed that Baldwin and Bieber got a marriage license. The other, from People, claimed that the couple had already been married in a tents house on September 13th.

Neither Baldwin nor Bieber have yet commented on these marriages publicly, but Baldwin “she’s not married yet”, in response to the September reports, before later tweeted. So, while it seems, the jury is still very much out in this way, “Did Justin and Hailey get married” question, at least the fans have an additional Bieber-Baldwin image to skip over time.

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