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This is what it costs to buy the ‘popularity’ of an app on Google Play

How many applications and games are there on Google Play? Surely you have asked that question more than once, so…

This is what it costs to buy the'popularity' of an app on Google Play

How many applications and games are there on Google Play? Surely you have asked that question more than once, so let me answer you. At the moment these lines are written there is, exactly, 3,728,467 apps , and increasing. What does that mean? That, with every second that passes, not only is there a greater offer of apps on Android, but it is more difficult than a recent release highlight . To achieve this there are two ways: 1) make a quality application or 2) throw in the fast track and buy facilities.

Yes, both valuations and facilities can be purchased. There are dozens of companies and agencies that are dedicated to selling packages of five-star ratings, reviews, comments and facilities, or what is the same, are dedicated to selling fame. We have been researching in different websites for discover how is this business , how it works, how you earn money, how you get cheated Google Play Store and, ultimately, how an app buys popularity.

We have spoken with some commercials of these webs through their online chats, asking our doubts as if we were a developer who wants to buy facilities on Google Play. Thus, we have been able to know the mechanism to get facilities, whether it is safe or not and if behind there are real people or are simple bots that automate the task. If you want to know the details, I invite you to continue reading.

How do facilities sale services work?

The truth is that, possibly, “Know it even if you do not know it” . According to a commercial from Keenmobi, one of the best known agencies, “Our users come from games with rewards. They complete a task, such as downloading or rating an application and, subsequently, they are paid with credit for the game ” . Surely you’ve seen this type of advertising on occasion: you need 10 gems / diamonds / coins to do whatever it takes and You can get it if you download X or Y app and you pass the first level, you play 30 seconds, etc.

A fact that has attracted our attention is that “Currently, reviews are only available for iOS apps” . This is because Google seems to be completely randomly deleting genuine -real- ratings of five stars because he thinks they have been bought. The most recent example is that of Game Dev Tycoon , which we have already analyzed.

The rewards in-app by taking actions is one of the ways to “buy facilities”. Another way is through those ads that usually appear in free apps . An easy example is the iVoox app, the podcast service. In the free version there is a full-screen ad every X time that shows you an app or game -among other things- and that, when you press, redirects you directly to the Google Play tab so you can download and install it.

The most murky method is through bots or “smartphones farms” . They are automated processes in which thousands of phones are connected in battery, each with one or several Google accounts, which download apps on demand. Google counts one installation per Google account (not per device), so if you have three Google accounts and download an app from each of them, you will actually be generating three downloads in a single terminal. These are the cheapest, but also the least reliable. In light of this, we go with the price.

How much does it cost to buy facilities on Google Play?

This is what it costs to buy the'popularity' of an app on Google Play

This is what it costs to buy the'popularity' of an app on Google Play

Prices vary depending on the agency that you look and the pack you buy. In general, the 10,000 installations sell for between 700 and 800 dollars, although there are companies that sell them for up to 1,900. The largest package we have found, which includes 10,000 downloads / installations, 500 five-star reviews and 500 positive reviews are priced at $ 4,400 , which increases to 4,975 if you want them to come only from Spain.

We have written numbers and, more or less, we can conclude that the average price per download / installation, review and comment It is the following:

  • Average price per installation : 0.06 dollars
  • Average price per review (five stars plus comment): $ 0.17.

It is normal that the review and the comment are three times more expensive, since, if the service works as they say on the web, there are hundreds of real people waiting to download, play, use and evaluate the app manually . I quote MobiASO verbatim, a website also well known in this sector:

“After receiving your order, we will send your application to our professional reviewers who are always available to review your application. These reviewers will download, play and, therefore, qualify and review your application only in a positive way. After completing your order, I will send you a message to confirm it. The time to process your order depends on the amount of revisions, but we will do our best to complete it as soon as we can. ”

This is what it costs to buy the'popularity' of an app on Google Play

This is what it costs to buy the'popularity' of an app on Google Play

Of course, we can not verify the truth of this statement , but we doubt very much that there are some professional reviewers willing to qualify an app. Point number 1) What is a “professional reviewer” and what gives it that title? point number 2) Can you trust him if he only values ​​apps and games for money ?; and point number 3) if, as we imagine, “professional reviewers” is synonymous with “users who want coins and download your app for a promotion”, Is not this advertising misleading?

How long does it take to get the ratings and downloads?

This is, perhaps, the most complicated question of all. Why? Because it is difficult to guarantee that in X days you will receive AND downloads when this depends on the effectiveness of the advertisement, the product (the app in this case), etc. We imagine that this is why the agencies selling downloads and reviews play with such a wide margin of time.

Most websites take around two weeks to provide you with 10,000 downloads, although, according to their information pages, time varies by volume. 1,000 downloads can be obtained in a matter of 1-3 days.

Facilities, downloads, reviews, comments … and ASO

This is what it costs to buy the'popularity' of an app on Google Play

This is what it costs to buy the'popularity' of an app on Google Play

We have already seen that you can buy everything in these agencies, but what has surprised us is that do ASO (App Store Optimization). In case one is not very into issues of blogs and media, there is one thing called SEO (Search Engine Optimization, translated as Search Engine Optimization) which, in a few words, refers to some strategies to appear in the top positions of search engines like Google . The higher you go, the more clicks you get the link.

In the stores of applications it happens exactly the same . Applications use keywords to position in Google Play, have titles and descriptions optimized so that they go higher when the user searches for X or Y word, etc. These agencies sell complete ASO services. One of the most complete packages we have found consists of the following:

  • Search for trends in keywords.
  • 100 installations from successful keywords.
  • Optimization of the title and the description of the app.
  • Promotional video.
  • 30 reviews.
  • Press release on the launch and distribution of the same.
  • Redesign of the icon.

What most attracts our attention is the second option. What does that mean about “100 installations from successful keywords”? When you search for “Clash of Clans”, Clash of Clans appears and, just below, other Supercell apps and apps similar to Clash of Clans (called “clones”).

This is what it costs to buy the'popularity' of an app on Google Play

This is what it costs to buy the'popularity' of an app on Google Play

If the user searches for “Clash of Clans” but downloads a game called Clans At War, the latter positions in the keywords “Clash of Clans”, and has more possibilities to upload in the app table. The higher you appear, the more downloads you take . The greater the number of downloads, the higher the revenue from advertising, micropayments, etc. It’s that simple.

It is safe? Is it a reliable service?

We have not purchased any package to test it in an app , but we have discovered a series of things that make us seriously distrust. If you are looking for “Buy app downloads”, the first website that comes out on Google is, an agency that claims to have several years of experience, have obtained more than half a million downloads through 25 partners, etc. , etc etc. further accept PayPal as payment method , something that they would not do if their service was a scam since PayPal has consumer protection, and the payer could withdraw the money if it does not receive what was promised.

Nevertheless, the web generates us doubts . On the one hand, in the section of testimonials from their clients we see that the photos are not real developers, but stock photos. The smiling boy comes from the picture of a dental clinic , the boy with the glasses and the beard appears as lawyer, graphic designer and on the web of the Asian Association and Society for Linguistic Anthropology , so it does not look like the developer prototype that buys application installations either. The photo of the blonde woman appears in diverse news of thematic variety … in short, all very unreliable.

Right after, in the part where the typical FAQ appears, the texts appear duplicated , something that misses us coming from a service in professional theory with so much experience. Nevertheless, has HTTPS certificate , so the web, at least in the face of payments, is safe. Would we trust? No, not really.

This is what it costs to buy the'popularity' of an app on Google Play

This is what it costs to buy the'popularity' of an app on Google Play

On the other hand, , who claims to have worked with UC Browser, Cheetah Mobile and Taboola, does not have HTTPS security certification . has a series of success stories at the bottom of its website, including a game for iOS called Pool Break and something else that has been out of focus, although the colors of the logo seems “Pool Break – 3D Billiards and Snooker” . If this app has bought the services of MobiASO, they will return the money. Although the website shows 1,400 and peak ratings, the app only has 19.

Keemobi does give us good vibrations, but We can not say that your service works well without having tried it. What we do know, after having asked them what would happen to our app if Google assumes that we are doing something illegal, is that “[Although we have not had any case like this] the responsibility would be the owner of the app.”

And this works?

We can not know to science if these “agencies” work because, I repeat, we have not bought any package of reviews and ratings, but buying facilities is a legal practice and that can be done through official Google platforms like AdMob. AdMob is one of the leading ad providers in-app , and is the one in charge of showing you the videos that appear in full screen (among other formats) when you play free games.

If what you are asking us is if buying facilities works to position your application in the top of Google Play, the answer is a resounding yes like a piano . The best example of this is Cheetah Mobile and its Clean Master and Battery Doctor. On Google’s own platform there is a series of success stories accompanied by a “corporate” video, and one of them is that of the famous Chinese developer.

Cheetah Mobile recognizes that got global , get more than 600 million active users per month and become the second most important Google Play developer thanks to AdMob, thanks to buying facilities and thanks to placing ads within their apps. So much so that, thanks to AdMob, in just three years, the number of installations has multiplied by 16.

So yes, buy facilities for apps on Google Play can get to work , and very good. After all, advertising in your own applications is one of the ways in which Google makes money. It is a legal and allowed practice. Another issue is to buy reviews and ratings, which is forbidden by the great G.

It depends on each developer to get users in an app that is useless (such as RAM optimizers) by paying, or making an app or game in conditions that gain followers organically. Monument Valley or Telegram are the proof of it . Now you know how this business of buying valuations, installations and reviews works, and you have discovered that, despite what it seems, everything that glitters on Google Play is not gold.

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