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“This is Us” – [Spoiler] Is Live – Season 3, Episode 9

Warning: This post contains spoilers from This Is Us Fall Finale. Continue with caution. Right from the beginning of this…

Warning: This post contains spoilers from This Is Us Fall Finale. Continue with caution.

Right from the beginning of this season This is Us “The showrunners say, the series planned to disclose that Jack’s brother Nicky had not actually died during the Vietnam War.

And now when the Tuesday’s final finals hit The viewer secretly becomes the question: how long Jack knows – if he knew at all – that his little brother had not been forgiven when he thought he had?

] “There is definitely a possibility that Jack knew More than that, he released the family during all these years, “said co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker to TVLine. “We will be on this mystery with Kevin as he tries to reveal what happened to his uncle, what his dad knew about it, and where [Nicky] could be 201


Aptaker and co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger dropped more of our autumn-specific questions, including “she” and “her” in flash-forward referring to the same person (what? We like to be careful) and what significance a child party game may have in Pearson’s future. Read on for their response.

 This is us Nicky Alive Season 3 Episode 9 TVLINE | Is the mid season finale the last of Vietnam-set scenes, or will it be more?
APTAKER | There is more after the holidays. We will tell the end of our cliff hanger that Jack jumps into the water when he heard that explosion and learned more about what happened over there.

TVLINE | Will we see what happened to Nicky after everyone thought he had died?
BERGER | Yes, we will actually see him for more than a period of postwar, and we will definitely meet him today.

TVLINE | Is Kevin’s discovery something that Kevin will share immediately with his family? Or can he hold on to it until he has more concrete information?
BERGER | It’s a good question, and it’s a Kevin will definitely take care of. Of course, the pearls are a close-knit gang and they can be high-jumped so I think he knows that when he lets them into it, it can have consequences and obviously everyone will bring their own opinions and opinions. But at the same time they are an incredibly close family, so it’s hard to imagine he does not let them in any way.

TVLINE | Let’s deal with the flash-forward. Beth mentions that they will see Randall’s mother. We’re talking about Rebecca there, right? Can you put a good point on it for us?
APTAKER | Yes. It’s so funny – this is a total accident on our part. We thought, “Let’s give a really clear answer. We want people to know what this is.” And everyone wondered if that’s what she meant. It did not even happen to us that she could mean Randall’s biological mother because she has been [dead] for so long … But yes, we can confirm: You first heard this, she is talking about Rebecca.

TVLINE | I do not take anything with this show for granted anymore.
APTAKER | [ Laughing ] It’s smart.

TVLINE | So, the “she” that Toby refers to in flash-forward is also Rebecca?
APTAKER | Yes. “She” and “her” are Rebecca.

TVLINE | The plant we see Beth in, does she work there?
APTAKER | Yes, that’s her workplace.

TVLINE | What can you tell me about how things happen to her and Randall at that time in the future?
BERGER | It is one where people will need to hold on to the journey of what is happening between the two. Of course, we leave them today for a very exciting moment. But [a lot of time passes] before we arrive until that moment in the future. We do not really say what has happened to them. But we will reveal everything as we go through this season and the coming seasons.

TVLINE | The Pin the Tail on the Donkey Looks made me throw back in all This Is Us lore I know – it’s something that was played at The Big 3’s birthday party.
APTAKER APTAKER ] | Very good!

TVLINE | Is there a meaning for that game beyond what happens in that scene?
APTAKER | It’s definitely a significance for that game. The full significance of this we have not completely explored or revealed on the show yet. But yes, there was something that was in their childhood that grew up that we have seen them play on the birthday party before. So it’s not a new, out-of-nowhere game for the family. There is something that is part of the child’s fabric.

TVLINE | How long will we wait before we get another update on flash-forward? Will we get another this season? Could there be more than one?
APTAKER | Yes, we will check back to the future again this season. That’s something we’ve had from the beginning with Dan [Fogelman, series creator]. And the thing we spend hours debating with our authors is when it’s time to get a different piece of the future timeline and give a few more answers. We will definitely be back there this season – not a ton.

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