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“This is Us” Revelations: Jack's Mystery Woman, Miguel and Rebecca's Romance & Tess Secret

November 21, 2018 Entertainment 0 Views It's time to celebrate Randall's favorite vacation! On Tuesday's episode of This Is Us…

It’s time to celebrate Randall’s favorite vacation!

On Tuesday’s episode of This Is Us titled “Six Thanksgivings”, Pearson’s story stretched six different Thanksgiving dinners for decades – from the Vietnam War to today for various turkey meals from the past. While this year’s family association in Randall’s home was something but traditionally, we still learned quite a bit about our favorite TV family.

So what were the biggest revelations from the last episode? Three major developments arose from the hour that can record the rest of the season in a very meaningful way.

1. The story behind Jack’s mystery woman is revealed. “/>

This Is Us Jack “/>


We all assumed &#821

1; like Kevin – the worn photograph of Jack ( Milo Ventimiglia ) with the Vietnamese woman wearing Jack’s prized necklace that they had an intimate relationship of some kind. Did they smoothly do something close to a friendship? Were they romantic Did she have any connection with the mysterious “her” referred to in the distant future? It turns out she was not any of it. Instead, they were only familiar. But how did such a familiar impact on Jack’s life?

During a casual Thanksgiving meal in Vietnam, Jack – notices the woman who struggles with two heavy pails of water – goes over to help her carry them to her shack, glittering at Nicky ( Michael Angarano ) , who was at the forefront of helping, not helping her. A fellow soldier who happened to have a camera in his hand snaps the picture that Kevin would get decades later. To begin with, there were some theories that suggest a twist of romance between Jack and the woman still in play.

When she finds that she has not caught any fish lately, Jack is packing a turkey meal from the group’s remains for her and her family, and when he visits his home he learns how bad the condition of the son – who had cut his foot on the barbwire fence – is. After Nicky refuses to treat her (he later tells a story about a friend who trusted an elderly woman, just to die because she was an enemy informant), Jack tried to sterilize his son’s infected cuts. He does it successfully and when he leaves, she gives him the necklace. “/>

2. “/>


We learned last year that Miguel ( Jon Huertas ) and Rebecca ( Mandy Moore ) reconnected via Facebook for several years after Jack’s death, but we never got a fixed timeline. Tuesday’s episode changed all this. During a conversation on the Thanksgiving dinner table with Miguel and his two grown children, he revealed – after his son, who is a bit of work, had a snarky comeback about Miguel and Rebekah marriage – that they did not get romantic until 10 years after Jack’s death and after his ex, Shelly’s omgift.

“First you steal my daddy from my mom and now you’re trying to kill my son-in-law” Miguel son snarls. “Sorry, too soon.” above .

“No, not too early. After your mother and I shared, I promised my best friend and I that I would fight to keep you in my life for a long time. I tried. I called every day, I sent Christmas presents, I tried to plan things and I was lucky if I received an email from you. So after a while I gave up, says Miguel. “In the heart, 10 years after her husband and my best friend died and your mother had a poison, Rebecca found I each other and we filled one hole in each other’s life. You do not have to be lucky for us, but we “I will not apologize for being together. Take as many shots on me as you want … But once in a decade you see Rebecca, you show my wife little respect. “

Talk Miguel, proclaimed .

3. Tess is hiding a great secret.


With Randall, Beth, Annie and Deja out to serve a Thanksgiving meal to the less happy, Tess ( Eris Baker ) remains after that she did not feel very good. Visas, she experienced her first period. After Toby ( Chris Sullivan ) accidentally entered her and tried to find out what to do with it, Kate ( Chrissy Metz ) shows her mother’s side and teaches the older Pearson daughter what does when that time of the month comes? But it did not turn out to be the only thing Tess went through.

When Kate tells Tess so she can come to her for something, that’s when Tess shares a secret she has not told anyone . “I know you have a mom, but if there’s anything you ever want to talk to me, anytime. Soon you’ll have your first kiss and your first boyfriend …”, says Kate.

“Or … girlfriend,” says Tess and captures Kate off guard. “Or girlfriend,” replies Kate. Later, when the two go down to continue the Thanksgiving meal prep, Tess makes a request from her aunt: “Do not tell mom and dad about … you know.” “I will not,” promises Kate. “But Tess, your parents will love you no matter what. So you should tell them.” Does she come and have something to do with her? “/>

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