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This is the reason why Apple can shoot its sales with the iPhone of 2018


Super cycle . This is defined by the analysts and is what could result in the Apple catalog between 2018 and 2019. Moment of outstanding changes in a product perceived by the consumer and motivating their purchase. In the case of the Americans, the iPhone 9 -Y iPhone X Plus – is the key, but specifically the secret lies in the screen .

Apple is always in the spotlight. It is not for less. Even though Californians have adopted a rather conservative position and are lagging behind the competition in terms of novelties on a number of occasions, their position in the market and brand image make it possible for any change to have a large repercussion. In relation to this aspect, the reception of the new generations of the iPhone, the next iPhone 9 – and iPhone X Plus to a lesser extent – can suppose a considerable boost in the market by several key points.

The size of the screen

During the last years, the iPhone design 6 has remained in the following generations. Therefore, this point has not been triggering the interest of the public, nor have been the few innovations between generation and generation of iPhone.

This is the reason why Apple can shoot its sales with the iPhone of 2018

On the other hand, there has been a novelty that has led to changes in the demand for the iPhone. We refer to screen size . A good example was the arrival of the Plus version , with the iPhone 6 Plus as reference.

Little by little, the Apple customer has made clear his preference for the Plus version, differentiated mainly from the base model by the size of the display. And is that the sales of iPhone with 5.5-inch screen they have been increasing as new generations have debuted.

The iPhone X as a turning point

The iPhone X supposed a revulsive in the catalog of Apple, and not only by the renewed design. It has been increase the size of the screen of the iconic Apple model, and without affecting the overall volume of the terminal. Although sales have not exploded, the iPhone X is placed as the final approach of Apple towards the segment of the phablet . 5.8 inches screen to please the current user. This is the reason why Apple can shoot its sales with the iPhone of 2018

This is the reason why Apple can shoot its sales with the iPhone of 2018

Yes, because despite the phablet skeptics, the market makes it clear that it is the present and the future. A phablet offers a more comfortable use experience, either at work, with greater productivity, as in the multimedia section. On a general level, really.

iPhone 9, the talisman

And this is where the lowest price of the iPhone 9 with LCD , predictably 6.1 inches , can be a boost for Apple sales. An iPhone with a diagonal screen considerably higher than that of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, with a similar price, is a reason to buy. The perfect excuse to renew terminal. That impulse of purchase that Apple had attenuated with the reduced novelties can return thanks to this reason. This is the reason why Apple can shoot its sales with the iPhone of 2018

This is the reason why Apple can shoot its sales with the iPhone of 2018

Here Apple also looks sideways at the Asian market, where the phablets enjoy an enviable health. The taste of Asian users tends to smartphones with large screen, and Apple seems willing to offer its particular phablet in a market of great importance to Americans. A way to match the rest of high-performance Android smartphones and play with the trick that offers the attraction of having the logo of the bitten apple on the back of the case.

iPhone X Plus, the premium revulsive

Also, and again with the increase in screen size as a common denominator, the iPhone X Plus It would mean just that, a plus for the company. And it is that if the 6.5 inches of the aforementioned model, Apple has in its hands the interest of a very attractive market sector such as the business . An iPhone with a 6.5-inch display, but with a housing of contained size thanks to the adoption of the screen concept without frames , it becomes the perfect solution for workers who depend on their smartphone on a daily basis, either for productivity or for safety.

Similarly, we can not forget the enthusiasts and customers of Apple who are always willing to buy the products of the brand without caring about the price, especially when Americans may be facing the launch of their most spectacular and innovative iPhone, although only be for what it means to sell an iPhone with 6.5-inch screen .