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This is the new “totally white” design of Google Play in version 9.7

Google Play is testing a new design for this year … again. Version 9.7 of Google Play for Android, seems…

This is the new"totally white" design of Google Play in version 9.7

Google Play is testing a new design for this year … again. Version 9.7 of Google Play for Android, seems to include a completely renewed appearance with respect to what we are used to, whose main difference is found in the colors, or rather, in the lack of these.

And is that as they have discovered in 9to5Google , Google Play is close to receiving a new face lift that will completely change the appearance of the application, giving way to a totally white design that is much cleaner and less colorful.

Google Play launches new design

It’s not the first time that we get clues that suggest a change of direction in the Google Play design lines this year, with the color white as the predominant tone in the interface. Until now, only some users they had had access to a renewed design that, although it was much clearer, did not reach the end of what is discovered today in version 9.7.11 of the application.

Initially, this new appearance does not change too many elements of the interface at the operating level. We continue to find the same panels, menus and categories, with the difference that the classic green color of the application store has disappeared to accommodate the white, which now floods each and every one of the pages of the app.

But that is not all. The side menu of the application, which hosts the shortcuts to the different sections of the store, also forgets the colorful icons for leave room for gray icons . We also see how these have been reordered slightly, and there are shortcuts to applications such as Play Music, Play TV or Play Newsstand, with a design that is far from being the definitive one.

Finally, it has been discovered that Google Play hides in its code indications that point to the arrival of “similar applications” brands, that will work in a similar way to the current warnings that indicate to the user the existence of apps similar to those that they plan to download, usually with less weight or better optimized. What we do not know is what will be the difference between the new system and the one already existing in the store.

It is worth mentioning that these changes are not visible to the user in the latest version of the application, but must be enabled manually through the code of the app. Therefore, it is very likely that what we are seeing today will be a preliminary version of the new design in which Google is working for its app store, that we may see in more detail during the next Google I / O, along with the new design lines Material Design 2.

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