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This is the first music video recorded only with Google Pixel 2

This is the first music video recorded only with Google Pixel 2

Google is proud of the work done with the camera of its latest star phones, the Pixel 2 . So much so that even after almost half a year since its launch, the giant does not hesitate for a moment to continue advertising the photographic capabilities of its devices, taking advantage of what it has achieved by combining high-quality hardware with software that few Companies have managed to get closer.

Today, those from Mountain View announce , together with the famous composer and singer John Legend , the recording of the first music video made only with Google Pixel 2 . The artist also wanted to detail how the recording process was carried out with the latest model of the great G .

John Legend bets on Pixel 2 to record his latest video clip

According to Legend, recording his last video clip only with Pixel 2 was a challenge that he, along with his team, wanted to carry out, since they were fascinated by the idea of ​​using a smartphone to record a large-budget music video . In addition, the main theme of the song “A Good Night”, keeps a close relationship with smartphones and how users use them to meet people through Tinder style applications.

The artist points out that, despite being accustomed to using large cameras -and price-, being able to use a device like the Pixel at the time of recording was something much more natural , and thanks to the quality of the camera did not miss a more advanced equipment.

For recording, in addition to use multiple terminal units In order to carry out captures and difficult scenes, it has been required to professional equipment such as stabilizers, sliders, and other accessories which, combined with the Pixel 2 camera, results in a video clip that has little to envy to those recorded with cameras of several thousand euros . If you want to verify for yourself the result of this ambitious challenge, you have the final video of “A Good Night” under these lines.

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