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This is the design of MIUI 10, the new and imminent interface of Xiaomi


There is less left so we can know everything that Xiaomi has prepared for us next Thursday, May 31st. In this presentation the popular Chinese manufacturer will finally get to know the new Xiaomi Mi 8 and My 8 SE, but we also hope to see some other mid-range device and the latest version of its customization layer, MIUI 10 . Now we bring you some more images of this customization layer, an interface that pretends to advance Android P.

From what we have seen so far, Xiaomi has worked hard on the latest version of customization layer, which reminds us in some things to Android P, despite being based on Android Oreo 8.1

This will be the interface of the Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE

MIUI 10 comes loaded with new features, showing a very clean design with a predominance of white and blue colors and a redesigned multitasking among other things. Xiaomi has adapted its customization interface to the notch , given that your next terminals will make use of it, while including some new gestures.

As you can see, all the buttons adopt a circular gray background aesthetics, while if they are activated, they will adopt a blue color. MIUI 10 aims to transmit lightness (and its creators said it would be faster than lightning) and that’s why the design lines point to something minimalist, simple and effective, very iOS-like.

This is the design of MIUI 10, the new and imminent interface of Xiaomi

As we said, the multitasking or recent applications has suffered a facelift, and although the cards are vertical, they are sorted in pairs and slide on the screen in vertical mode and not horizontal, as in Android P. Yes, there will still be the delete button all the open applications that have always been so useful and that disappeared in the BETA of Android P to the disgust of the users.

The design of MIUI 10 drinks from Android P, but not so much as to eliminate the classic navigation buttons, so the 3 classic buttons start, multitask and back will be present at all times.

Yes, the brightness and volume buttons undergo changes, which now adopt a horizontal and elongated form of rounded type.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, we leave you here a few screenshots of the design of MIUI 10, and remember that it has already been announced the list of Xiaomi devices that will be upgradeable to MIUI 10 .