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This is the biggest photo ever taken with a smartphone

This is the biggest photo ever taken with a smartphone

As you well know, photography is one of the aspects that have evolved the most in the smartphone sector . Far are the devices with a single lens, absurdly low dynamic range and captures with much grain and little detail. Now, to this day, almost any terminal has a Moderately decent camera capable of spectacular results ,. We have seen smartphones take really incredible photos, but none like this one. It has been taken with theAnd in Few words, It is the largest photograph in the world that has been made with a smartphone.

The snapshot has dimensions of about 5.300 m 2 and it has been printed on a canvas that has been laid on the facade of the Edificio España (Madrid). The work is of Eugenio Recuenco , an artistic photographer specialized in the theme of fantasy, and is the number 366 of a photographic exhibition that will take place at the Tomás y Valiente Art Center (Fuenlabrada) next month.

“Artistically, photography consists of creating images. The technique has been expanding the possibilities of those images, first with analog photography and then with digital cameras, but the intention of the shooters has always been the same, to create an image. Until now the possibilities offered by the cameras of smartphones for this field were very small. And this is what has changed. Suddenly we all have a technology in our pocket that we can create and achieve a professional result ” , says Recuenco . “There are no limits” , concludes.

If you are from Madrid, it is more than likely that you have already crossed paths with this peculiar scene. If you are not from the Spanish capital and do not want to miss the chance to see this gigantic photo, you are interested to know that will be exposed until June 15 and, later, during the second fifteen of July . If you do not know how to get there, here’s theof Edificio España in Google Maps, although we already told you that it has no loss.