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This is how to play in the new Xiaomi Black Shark

This is how to play in the new Xiaomi Black Shark

The Black Shark It is already a reality. The gamer mobile of the new company is here to stay , and has the support of Xiaomi to achieve good sales figures. On the official Xiaomi website You can see some of the most hidden details of this terminal in a more visual way.

Today, we show you the first video where we see the Black Shark in action for a few minutes . The truth is that the mobile has fallen in love at first sight, and we are looking forward throw the glove . In the meantime, let’s see the video that shows your behavior , and pay attention because this is going to like you.

This is how you play in the Black Shark

As you can see, the joy connects with an amazing ease . Once placed, we can start playing. The mobile has software dedicated to the configuration of it, so you can leave it to your liking before starting any game. With the fingerprint reader itself, we can access a control center that allows us to adjust the visibility modes, put the phone in silent mode, prevent calls from entering …

In particular, the video is tested with the most famous PUBG , game that we loved, and that seems to be specially optimized in this terminal. The crosshead helps us move with more ease , and we can point in a much easier way with the classic button L . Apart from this game, the video shows us the behavior of the terminal in other games like Asphalt, in which they play without the joy.

The 4000mAh battery, together with the cooling system, will allow us to play for hours in the Black Shark. A different terminal, for a fairly specific use . We have loved it, and we consider it a great purchase for the 400 euros it costs.

Do you think the same of the Xiaomi Black Shark?

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