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This is how they can charge you € 36.25 a month for installing a fake Fortnite apk

If there is a game that everyone wants to reach Android it is Fortnite . The famous free Battle Royale,…

This is how they can charge you € 36.25 a month for installing a fake Fortnite apk

If there is a game that everyone wants to reach Android it is Fortnite . The famous free Battle Royale, which has generated huge profits for its developer, Epic Games, It causes furor in social networks and on YouTube . Hundreds of youtubers upload videos every day playing Fortnite, which are viewed by several thousand users, which makes this platform ideal for proliferate. Today, by chance, we have found a video that promises to teach you how to download Fortnite on Android, but nothing is further from the truth.

Said video we found it in an advertisement , which means that someone has paid YouTube to promote it and that the platform has not verified the legitimacy of the content shown. In the clip, the author shows how, by accessing a seemingly legitimate website, you can download the Fortnite APK . When installing it, the app asks for a mobile verification and, by clicking “Accept”, it takes us to a web where we must enter our phone number . It smells funny, right?

The comments of the video are deactivated, evidently.

The average and uninformed user would enter their phone number to be able to access the game, surely without having read the small and almost illegible handwriting that is just below the button and that says the following:

Subscription service for over 18s with which you can enjoy the best multimedia content from your mobile or PC […]. Cost of the service of 1.45 € (one with forty-five euros) per SMS received (VAT incl.) Max. Twenty-five SMS per month. Giving HIGH to the service means the express acceptance of it and its legal bases. To cancel send BAJA to 795129 […] .

As you can see, For every SMS received on your mobile you will be charged 1.45 euros , being able to receive a maximum of 25 SMS per month, which makes a total of 36.25 euros per month . In the video through which this trick is carried out, it is said that, in order to avoid additional charges, you only have to send “STOP” to the number that the verification SMS sent you, which is 57721. However, in the small print of the web, it appears that you have to send “LOW” to 795129.

If you look at the screenshots, you can see that the images in the game are pixelated and of poor quality. They are a simple lure for users to bite .

On the other hand, if we analyze the, we find that a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) file is detected . This type of programs or apps are usually downloaded along with other legitimate apps or programs, which serve as a hiding place -like when you download a program on PC and you install 30 programs for the face-. This type of malware usually affects the performance of the terminal and the privacy of the user, although the most common is that it is an adware, that is, a program that shows advertising. Be that as it may, a VirusTotal userhave analyzed the app and has not found any evidence that it has been developed by Epic Games , and that everything points to that is aimed at stealing Fornite accounts.

It must be said that the video has been uploaded by a YouTube user named Fortnite Android and that, in just three days, it has accumulated almost one million views. The number of affected users is unknown.

The video featured in this article .

Everything you find on the Internet about installing Fortnite on Android, about downloading your APK, etc., is completely false. Do not hurry. When Fortnite arrives at Android you will be the first one to find out thanks to the specialized media . Everything that goes beyond the strictly official is unreliable. Remember, do not install anything that smells of chamusquina, do not trust everything you see on the Internet and, of course, when in doubt, ask.


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