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This is how the OnePlus 6 design looks in the latest conceptual video


In the absence of just over two weeks for the presentation new OnePlus smartphone , we have a good number of details and Specifications of the model. Thanks to this accumulation of information, it is possible to create videos like the one shown below. A conceptual video that lets see the OnePlus 6 design closer to reality.

It is expected that the OnePlus 6 of a new leap in quality and vary its external appearance. A design that will be influenced in a remarkable way thanks to the integration of a screen with notch . However, it will not be the only novelty that we appreciate in the OnePlus 6 design . In all likelihood, you will have a carcass crystal Y aluminum , as reflected in the video which we allude to in this article.

Design of the OnePlus 6, in video

After many leaks, including Photos in which the supposed and definitive OnePlus 6 design , in addition to the tracks offered gradually by the manufacturer itself, we already have a very approximate image of what will be the external appearance of the new standard bearer of OnePlus .

Based on these references, a new video emerges in Youtube thanks to the editing work of the designer in charge of this work.

In the video, as you can see for yourselves, there is a model with a casing whose profile is aluminum and the back cover is covered with glass resistant . It is this material that confers a glossy finish to back of the OnePlus 6 . While the colors are not confirmed, the designer wanted to add his personal touch to the design of the OnePlus 6 with shades such as red, white pearl and the always used black color.

This is how the OnePlus 6 design looks in the latest conceptual video

OnePlus 6, with notch

How not, the front of the OnePlus 6 It stands out for its screen with a notch of small size in its upper part. In this sense, there is no doubt about the fact that notch The display will look as it is since it is one of the features confirmed by the manufacturer.

In the same way, it can be seen that the lower frame of the screen also has a very low level, possibly in reference to the last ones OnePlus 6 images distributed by a store of accessories and covers.

As for the technical characteristics of OnePlus 6 , we know with certainty that the model will be provided with the almighty processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 , as well as memory configurations up 256 GB and 8 GB of RAM .