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This is how the Instagram algorithm works, according to Instagram

This is how the Instagram algorithm works, according to Instagram

In case anyone does not know, Instagram works through algorithms . In the same way that happens with Facebook and its known as EdgeRank, Instagram has its own code that decides what posts you see first in your feed and which ones are below . The operation of this happy algorithm, which has caused millions of followers to reach a tiny percentage of their audiences, is saved with more zeal than the recipe of Coca Cola, but today we have been able to know new clues that help us understand it better. How does the Instagram algorithm work? Lets go see it.

It has been Julian Gutman, Instagram Lead Product, who has explained in a talk the mechanism behind what we see -or not- when opening the social network . There are six factors that influence the posts we see in our feed, three main and three accessories . These factors create a unique score for each user with respect to each user that follows. In other words, if you and I follow the same 100 accounts, each one will see different publications. This is achieved through machine learning and that the algorithm learns from us and from our interactions.

How the Instagram algorithm works and what factors influence

The three main factors

This is how the Instagram algorithm works, according to Instagram

This is how the Instagram algorithm works, according to Instagram

  1. Interest : The algorithm determines which photos and videos are of most interest to each Instagram member based on their previous behavior. If you’ve interacted a lot with our Instagram profile, you’re more likely to see our posts than if you’ve never done it before.
  2. Recency : Literally translated into Spanish it would be something like ‘freshness’. In short, a post recently published is placed above the oldest publications. After all, nobody wants to see photos and videos three weeks ago, right?
  3. Relationship : if you have a close relationship with any of the people you follow, their photos will appear before the others. This is determined taking into account if you have commented on your publications, if you tagged in your photos, etc.

The three accessory factors

  1. Frequency : According to Gutman, it is important the number of times a user has opened the application because Instagram wants that, just open the app, see the most important posts that have been published since your last visit.
  2. People you follow : the more people you follow, the less publications you will see, as the Instagram algorithm becomes more and more selective.
  3. Use : the time you spend on Instagram also influences the posts you see, since it is not the same to visit the network in short sessions (you only see the main publications) than in long sessions (you also see older publications).

In the same way, Instagram confirmed that does not intend to return the chronological order to users and that, although the algorithm decides which posts come out first, if you keep going down in the app, you will end up seeing everything your contacts have published (that is, it does not hide publications as previously thought). In the same way, Instagram does not favor people who use more Stories , just as it does not penalize those who publish many images.

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