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This is how the Google Duo screen sharing function works

This is how the Google Duo screen sharing function works

Despite having lost to its maximum leader , the development of Google Duo continues in a good direction, with new features and useful functions that come to the application of video calls of the great G. A while ago we learned that Duo was preparing to introduce a function of the most convenient, which will allow Share the content of the screen with other users.

The feature has appeared hidden in the code of version 22 of the app, and since AndroidPolice they have managed to simulate how the aforementioned option will work once it is available facing the public.

As seen in the screenshots, the Google Duo interface shows how one of the users can share the content of their screen, which the second user will see directly on their terminal. When you begin to share the screen, a warning will appear indicating that everything that happens will be shared , and when accepting the warning appears a floating button that allows you to stop or cancel the transmission . To know that the content is being shared, a red strip will appear around the screen.

For its part, the receiver will see all the contents of the sender’s screen, but according to they point from 9to5Google it will not be possible to take control in the same way that they offer applications like TeamViewer.

Further, the user who receives the content will also be able to access a series of controls to end the transmission, mute the audio or toggle between the different cameras, front and rear.

There is no doubt that this is a most useful option when it comes to offer remote assistance to users who may have problems with their terminal . At the moment, yes, Google has not revealed its plans to bring this feature to reality, although it seems to be stable enough to make the leap to the public version of Google Duo for Android.

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