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This is how Daisy works, the Apple robot that disassembles and recycles 200 iPhones per hour (video)

520 Two years ago, Apple proudly showed us its disassembly robot, Liam. A machine used in its recycling plan to…


Two years ago, Apple proudly showed us its disassembly robot, Liam. A machine used in its recycling plan to recover materials from old iPhones delivered by customers of the brand. Today, two years later, that robot improves its efficiency and becomes Daisy. The following video shows how it is capable of dismantling up to 200 iPhones per hour, carefully separating each component and choosing the materials suitable for recycling.

The last environmental program of Apple for the current year leaves us with a series of curiosities that are worth mentioning. In addition to news such as the self-supply of energy from the company’s new headquarters, Apple Park, 100% from solar energy, the report collects other data such as the work statistics of its renewed robot, Daisy, included in its plants. recycling in Austin, Texas, and Breda, in the Netherlands.

Daisy, the robot that dismantles 200 iPhones at the time

In 2016, Apple showed its Liam robot in operation. A machine that dismantled, according to the information available at the time, an iPhone in just 11 seconds. Today, the apple firm offers details of the second generation of its disassembly robot, called Daisy. In figures, the Americans announce statistics such as the cutting of 200 iPhones per hour. Also, Daisy is able to disarm both an iPhone5, an iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

However, above the number of recycled smartphones, Apple indexes in the optimization of the mechanism of operation that allows to select with greater precision the materials and components of the iPhones. In short, Daisy is more efficient than Liam.

Also, the environmental report of Apple lets see some statistical data on the final result of the recycling of iPhones through the Apple GiveBlack program. The highlight is in charge of the figures of recycling of materials of the iPhone. So Apple recovers up to 1,900 kilos of aluminum and 710 kg of copper. Also recover 770 kilos of cobalt or 93 of Tungsten. In the same way, 970 grams of gold are recycled. These figures refer to a volume coming from every 100,000 iPhone units.

GreenPeace and its criticism towards Apple

While the GreenPeace organization has cataloged Apple over the last few years as one of the greenest companies, its latest references after Daisy’s introduction have resulted in a not-so-positive reaction from the NGO. And it has criticized the attitude of Apple to what they believe a process of programmed obsolescence. The organization has gone further and has urged Apple to design more durable smartphones, which are easier to repair, rather than include faster robots in their recycling plants in order to reduce the environmental impact.

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