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This is HiAI, the artificial intelligence engine of the new Huawei P20 and P20 Pro

[embedded content] Together to the new Huawei P20 Y P20 Pro , the brand based in Shenzhen wanted to fully…

Together to the new Huawei P20 Y P20 Pro , the brand based in Shenzhen wanted to fully squeeze the artificial intelligence capabilities of its new terminals, equipped with the Kirin 970 processor with dedicated neuronal processing unit. For this, a new engine based on this technology was introduced, under the name HiAI.

Today, the company has decided release the engine that gives life to the artificial intelligence systems of your new devices , thus offering developers the possibility to work with HiAI. In turn, Huawei details the capabilities of this technology, which despite having been released with the high-performance members of the P20 line, will end up coming to the previous Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro sooner or later.

Huawei releases the engine of its artificial intelligence to developers

This is HiAI, the artificial intelligence engine of the new Huawei P20 and P20 Pro

The company says that thanks to HiAI, developers will have the ability to integrate a diverse range of capabilities and systems, which will make applications smarter and more powerful. As pointed well dsede XDA-Developers , all those developers who wish to start working, can already download the DDK -Diver Development Kit-, SDK, as well as the IDE to develop applications around HiAI.

Among the HiAI capabilities that we will find in the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, and that developers can begin to integrate into their applications, we find the following:

  • Scene detection : This is the camera system that we already found in the P20, and which is responsible for categorizing the images depending on the content, to adjust the camera parameters and obtain a perfect capture.
  • Detection and correction of documents : Thanks to the assistant, it is possible to scan a document and, automatically, correct the angle of the document in case it is not precise.
  • Facial detection and body comparison: Information about the location, characteristic points and postures of the human face in an image is detected, and high precision facial coordinates are received.
    ** Labeling of images by categories: ^^ In the same way as in the scene detection system, the information of an image is identified, and categorized according to a deep learning method.
  • Super resolution of images: It is possible to enlarge an image based on deep learning algorithms, reducing the noise and the loss of detail, while maintaining the same resolution, in order to obtain a clearer image. Super resolution of images with characters: The images, including characters, will be extended to a maximum of nine magnifications, while the definition of the characters in the image is improved. Detection of codes : You can read quick response codes – better known as QR codes – and bar codes to get the information they include.

It is evident that, with his two new heavyweights, Huawei bets heavily on artificial intelligence and machine learning . In addition, we are happy to know that the brand offers developers the possibility to take advantage of this system through its applications. We wait impatiently until we see the first creations based on HiAI, the Huawei AI engine.

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