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This is all that is about to come to Clash Royale

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The success of a game, whether on Android or on any platform, does not only depend on its premiere, but also on the maintenance and updating him also have a very important role . Pokémon GO, without going any further, is a clear example.

Today, however, the protagonist is Clash Royale. Precisely, on the 24th will come a new update to the game, a small retouch of his troops with the aim of offering a better experience to all its players.

Clan battles and balance changes await you on the 24th

As we can read in his official blog , yesterday Clash Royale published the announcement of a new change of balance, that is to say, a modification of some of the characteristics of its troops with the aim of equaling them all and that there is no much stronger “letter” than the others. Below you can read the most important ones:

  • Dark Prince : the resistance of the shield is reduced by 25%. Now, with the damage of a trunk, we will remove it completely.

  • Spear goblins : the attack speed is lowered by 0.1%. It affects all the cards with this unit in it.

  • gentleman : your life is increased by 3%. It seems that his last nerf punished this troop too much.

  • Barbarian barrel : its scope is increased by 0.5%. It still does not reach the arcade tower, but it does go to the king’s tower.

  • Thunderbolt : radius of action extended by 0.5%. Possibly, he will return in mallets with Golem or Lava Hound.

  • Spirit of Ice : nerf imporante: its impact area is lowered by 4% and goes to freeze 1 second instead of 1.5 seconds.

These balance changes are the antecedent to the arrival of one of the biggest updates of Clash Royale . Specifically, this week Supercell has been giving us clues that something big is coming, and it has not been until today that he has revealed it: the battles of clans are coming!

What do you think of these balance changes? What do you expect from clan battles?

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