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This iPhone 5S of 2013 works better than your current Android

This iPhone 5S of 2013 works better than your current Android

Yesterday, Apple showed us all the benefits of iOS 12 in its keynote for developers. ** It draws attention that this version will reach devices of the year 2013, something that we can not even see on Android. As always, this could have a double side, and is that Apple is famous for updating their devices, but suffer from serious slowdowns in them.

In the keynote they promised that iOS 12 would have an incredible performance, and that it would give a second life to devices like the iPhone 5S or the popular 6S. As always, we had our doubts, but a video on Reddit has just shown that this is true , which are not good news for Android users at all.

This is how the iPhone 5S works with iOS 12

Oh wow. iOS 12 is fast !!! Keep in mind, this is iphone 5s !!! desde

With a sad gigabyte of RAM and an obsolete processor, the iPhone 5S moves better than many current Android . Needless to say that if we compare this phone with other Android 2013 like the Samsung Galaxy S4, we throw our hands in the lead. Regardless of the good performance that this device has, we consider the usual: why does not Google provide or oblige to update more than two years?

Once again, the debate about programmed obsolescence opens up, since currently, the only mobile phones that update more than two years on Android are the Google Pixel, while the rest drag hard for two years to receive updates late, and in many cases, bad. At a minimum, the operation of an iPhone 5S 2013 with iOS 12 should give us to think if really the Android manufacturers are doing all the maximum efforts, or simply update to what Google requires, to later ignore the terminals .

And you, what do you think about the performance of this 2013 device?