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This concept shows the design of the Sony Xperia A

481 Some time ago we heard rumors about a enigmatic Sony terminal with an all-screen format . After the presentation…


Some time ago we heard rumors about a enigmatic Sony terminal with an all-screen format . After the presentation of Sony Xperia XZ2 and the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact the Japanese manufacturer disappointed to continue betting on the front frames. Although, seeing the design of the Sony Xperia A Through these concepts, the Japanese firm would give a leap in quality if it opted for this type of design.

First of all remind you that this is just a concept or idea of ​​how it could be the terminal, although we are talking about a device that has hardly leaked information so we do not even know if it will come to be presented. Although this is the case, the concept shows us a Sony Xperia A with a simply spectacular design and that would cause more than one customer to bet again on the manufacturer’s solutions.

This could be the design of the Sony Xperia A

As you can see in the video that heads these lines, the concept that shows the possible design of the Sony Xperia A is to combine the old design line Omnibalance of the Japanese giant along with a modern touch . We can see it in the characteristic square shape of the device, which we have seen so many times in previous models, although significantly reducing the size of the front frames to give a more modern look to this possible phone. Sony .

In terms of design we can see some interesting details, such as the 3.6mm headphone output located at the top, with high quality audio output although the big surprise we would find in the audio section. Or specifically in the Speakers of the Sony Xperia A.

And, according to this concept, the design of the Sony Xperia A would bet on a solution very similar to that made by the Korean manufacturer with its Samsung Galaxy S9, offering two stereo speakers located in the front in such a way that we do not realize its presence, although the sound quality of Samsung’s flagship shows that the speakers are hidden in the front of the terminal.

It surprises the situation of the buttons of this concept of the Sony Xperia A. According to its creator, the manufacturer would bet to integrate all the buttons of the terminal on its right side. In this way, both the volume control, the device’s power on / off key and the dedicated button for making photographs would be located on the same side.

As for the hardware of this Sony xperia A We know little or nothing. The only thing that leaked is that it would mount a 6-inch screen with 4K resolution, although really this panel will be the one that finally mount the Sony Xperia XZ2 Pro , the next Sony titan that will be released during the next edition of the IFA in Berlin.

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