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Things You Should NEVER Do In The Morning

If you ever feel like you don’t get enough done in the day, it’s because you’re doing what you should…

If you ever feel like you don’t get enough done in the day, it’s because you’re doing what you should never do in the morning. This might make you feel demotivated and feel like you have accomplished nothing during the day. Don’t worry, for we’ve got your back! Check out this list of things you should never do in the morning!

  • Never hit the snooze button! Sleeping longer is probably one of the greatest desires you had back when you were working for a big corporation. But when you hit the snooze button you are subconsciously telling your big goals and dreams that they don’t matter. That leads to a lack of urgency in life, lower productivity, and frustration by the end of the day.
  • Never write your to-do-list. I know. That sounds counterintuitive. The truth is that if you’re setting your to do-list first thing in the morning, you’re already too late! You need to know your number one priority the night before, and have a plan in place to start working on it immediately.
  • Never check email. One of the worst things you can do is roll over and start scrolling through your email. When you do that, time seems to disappear into a black hole and you can never get it back. Worse, email often leads to social media, and then you can kiss another 30 minutes goodbye.
  • Never surf the internet. Don’t let your Internet rob you of the progress you so badly want to make. Because you will end up spending hours and hours on social media and such.
  • Never eat or drink things that make you feel unwell. Too many people lose the day through their diet rather than their work habits. Make a note of what you eat and how you feel. Establish cause and effect between what goes in your mouth and how you feel in your mind. (It’s a direct relation!)
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