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They led the campaign against Alex Jones

On Fox News on Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson said that CNN is one of the "greatest enemies" for freedom of…

On Fox News on Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson said that CNN is one of the “greatest enemies” for freedom of expression, referring to their reporting on Alex Jones as an example that the network now posing as a first change defender in the light of the Jim Acosta ban.

“In recent days, you have heard a lot of pumping and puffing about freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and how these freedoms are currently relegated by the White House, and to be clear, we are for freedom of expression. Unfettered, absolute freedom of speech.” He started. “And we can not help but notice that some of the greatest enemies of freedom of expression now stand as their defenders, suddenly.”

That’s when he turned to CNN. “Take, for example, CNN. It was a CNN who led the campaign almost to send Alex Jones by the Internet, on the grounds that they did not like what Jones had to say,” he continued. “In the end, CNN managed to do that. The network convinced every major technical platform to ban Jones and his outlets Infowars. You do not like Alex Jones to see it as a scary loss for freedom of speech, because that’s exactly what it was. But CNN was not ready to try to silence its critics. “

Carlson reviewed another example, then saying that CNN” claims to defend freedom of speech only when it is their freedom of speech. “He said CNN did not defend RT when the government made the network registry as a foreign agent threatened by jail.” Yes , Russia is today owned by a foreign government. So, BBC, he said. “But since RT owned by Russia, who believes left, Donald Trump had the power, CNN is good about the mob and silenced.”

“Call CNN whatever you want,” he said. “However, they do not pretend to be defenders of the first amendment. They are not.”

Carlson then turned to his guest, Victor Davis Hanson and said “I just want to be clear we are always for freedom of expression. Especially numbers that are offensive, even by outrageous white correspondents, “obviously referring to Acosta. “But to see a channel that has lobbied against someone else’s right to say what they think is true, suddenly appearing as this defender of the first amendment is nauseous.”

Hanson and Carlson then discussed the merits of the CNN case against the Trump administration, with Hanson arguing that the passport to participate in the White House press releases is conditional, as would be the case before the Supreme Court and that violation of rules or protocols might prevent one from to access that passport “

” Remember that the former administration supervised 28 reporters and Fox’s own James Rosen, no one left a suit on behalf of James Rosen from CNN and said that my god, we only taught us that 201

3 for three Years ago, the man was attended by the Attorney General, this is a breach of press freedom, “said Hanson. “We did not hear that.”

Carlson then said that CNN did not defend votes “silenced” by “big tech companies” because their opinions are “unfair” and asked if you can support freedom of speech in some cases and not others as Hanson said no.

Hanson then quoted examples of various insults by Trump as told about air and stories about Trump as CNN has run as an example of CNN’s bad ethics. Tucker replied, “This is not meaningful, because CNN has claimed that others should lose their voice, should be silenced because they quote conspiracy theorists, but you list the conspiracy theories they have published on their air.”

Hanson then said that What the Trump administration claims is that none of it is the reason to kick out Acosta, but rather that “it’s this time you crossed the edge, you were disturbing you were rude, you took over any press conference. Nothing in the constitution says that he must have a press conference. “

Fox News said in a statement today that they support CNN’s trial and explain,” While we do not condemn the growing antagonistic tone of both the president and the press of New Media, we have access, we support a free press, access and open exchanges for the American people. “

See the clip above, with permission from Fox News.

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