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They discover that PUBG for mobiles is full of bots


Some we suspected, but in the last hours, coinciding with the official arrival of PUBG for Android and iOS , is being confirmed. While the title for PC and Xbox One bases its premise on PvP clashes, it seems that PUBG for mobile It is full of bots that can weigh on the gaming experience.

If you have thrown a game to PUBG for mobile I’m sure you’ve noticed two major changes compared to the versions of other platforms. The first of these is the presence of controls that complicate the gaming experience too much and for which it is almost essential to use gamepads to play PUBG on Android .

The second, and more striking, is the behavior of some of the players with whom we are in the game. Many of them have a bad aim, or directly or aim, while others are able to hit you in the head even if you are driving a car on top of a mountain.

At the same time that you encounter these strange behaviors, you can see on social networks as people who have never played at PUBG He manages to emerge victorious in his first games, something almost impossible as many Tencent Games title players know.

They discover that PUBG for mobiles is full of bots

Bots in PUBG for mobile?

The explanation for this is not in the disparate luck that surrounds each of the players, as the fans of the game have once again discovered in their respective thread. Reddit . They have discovered that in the lower levels there are bots so as not to frustrate the gaming experience of the most novice. That is to say, PUBG for mobile It confronts inexperienced players against bots, much less intelligent than human players.

There is no specific mention to this system but apparently the game for novice players shows a greater number of characters controlled by the CPU than by other players, thus breaking the PvP concept that has made this Battle Royale . Of course, as you advance, you will face more and more real players, and these do not have any kind of mercy.

Personally, it is absurd to fill a purely PvP game with bots, especially when new players have a tutorial where they can learn the mechanics of the game. at the moment there is no evidence that Fortnite for iOS , the highest competitor of PUBG for mobile , follow a similar system.