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They discover a security flaw in iOS 11 that allows Siri to read hidden notifications


Purely by chance. This has been detected failure that can compromise your privacy if you have a iPhone -o iPad- with iOS 11 . And is that as they have spread, the latest revision of the system allows Siri read the messages arranged in the panel notifications , even when the terminal is maintained locked .

No matter how secure we think it is an operating system, there are always errors and security flaws that can affect the integrity of the information, in this case stored on a smartphone. iOS 11, the latest version of the Apple platform for your iPhones and iPads, does not escape this possibility. In it, specifically iOS 11.2.6 -In addition to the latest Beta of iOS 11.3-, a security breach has been discovered that allows Siri read messages shown as notifications in the lock screen .

Siri can read messages with the screen blocked

As they relate in MacMagazine , a regular user to use the iOS voice assistant when traveling by motorcycle recently discovered how Siri was able to read notifications of your iPhone without even asking unlock code or authentication through Touch ID .

The surprise was capitalized since before this type of situation, any person with physical access to our iPhone could ask Siri to reveal the content of the messages announced by the notifications, even though these are in hidden mode . Apparently, this error is found in both iOS 11.2.6 and the latest Beta of iOS 11.3.

Apple has already been informed about the discovery of this bug through the tool enabled by the company for such purposes. So, we hope that the firm will take action on the matter and soon release a patch that will correct a flaw that, in certain situations, may be the means by which another user violates our privacy.