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They create a cover (very expensive) that turns the Google Pixel into a detector of bombs and weapons

They create a cover (very expensive) that turns the Google Pixel into a detector of bombs and weapons

If you search on Google Play the words “X Rays” you will find hundreds and hundreds of applications that do, exactly, nothing. You can not see your bones, you can not see people’s underwear and you can not scan an object to see what’s inside. It sounds absurd, I know, but the most downloaded X-ray app on Android have 10 million downloads , so there must be a lot, a lot of people, who think it’s possible. Smartphones do not have the necessary hardware for this task , but that does not mean that it can not be implemented with external accessories. SWORD is the proof of that.

SWORD is a sheath developed by Royal Holdings, an American startup located in Los Angeles, capable of scanning people for detect if they carry weapons or any dangerous object . This cover is compatible with theand with himand, in a few words, it uses sound waves to create a kind of sonar , as if it were a submarine. The device / case consists of programmable 3D sensors that emit radio waves that penetrate the objects. The antennas transmit the signal to the desired object, they are bounced back to them and the result is analyzed in a processor integrated in the case itself.

As we can extract from the teaser video below, the case -which requires a special application to function- is able to scan people 12 meters and can detect if it carries weapons or explosive objects. This he does through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and an extensive database . Basically, the AI ​​analyzes the content that is in a bag or in the body of a person, compares it with the database and, finally, indicates to the user if it is a gun, a knife, a bomb, etc. . At the moment, according to the founder of Royal Holdings, there were no false positives in the preliminary tests , although its effectiveness is not known with precision.

It also has facial recognition, being able to analyze the face of people and compare them with various databases to find terrorists or people in search and capture.

Its price will be about $ 1,250 and will require a monthly subscription of $ 30 . The company plans to show the first prototype in August of this year, and intends to market it in 2019. They have already received 8,000 pre-reservations by security companies, casinos and school districts. There is no similar product, and it is a very interesting invention given the recent events of school shootings and terrorist attacks. Obviously, it is not a cover for the average user, but it does not leave an interesting innovation that could help save lives.

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