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They compare the Fortnite graphics on an iPhone X and the Xbox One X


Fortnite finally it was released for iOS and the videogame has not been slow in becoming the app Y videogame most downloaded from the App Store by chance What is the reason? The next video shows us the graphics quality of the game in a iPhone X in front of the scene that is capable of offering a Xbox One X .

There is no doubt that the hardware of smartphones has advanced at a devilish pace. Its power and performance can even exceed that of certain PCs. In the graphic section the same thing happens and the iPhone X is one of the exponents in this regard. He Apple A11 Bionic processor It is a boast of technology and performance, always without losing sight of the energy consumption and the heat dissipation achieved in this type of SoCs.

Fortnite on an iPhone X and Xbox One X

For that reason, the iPhone X as many other high-end smartphones have become true portable consoles able to offer a game experience more than acceptable.

They compare the Fortnite graphics on an iPhone X and the Xbox One X

However, how is the game experience of one of the titles of the year on an iPhone X versus the graphic capacity of a dedicated console as the Xbox One X ? The team of EuroGamer has wanted to do the test and nothing better than the attached video in which the graphics of Fortnite contrast both in an iPhone X as in the Microsoft console.

They have also included the iPhone 6S to contrast the prestacional level between the console and the two smartphones of Apple, to which they separate more than two years of technological advances.

The iPhone X keeps the type

To show a button and the video analysis attached leaves a very obvious reading. While it is clear the victory of the Xbox against Apple’s smartphone, it draws attention to the great similarity of the scene that is able to show one and another device. According to the analysis, in the prolegomena of the game, except in the intro in 4K , there is a great resemblance at the graphics level.

The differences are widened when we get fully into the story. With the control in hand, the Xbox One X makes clear the power of the GPU that treasures inside. The level of detail of the textures , but especially of the illumination , the realism of shades and the effects applied to the environmental elements – movements of the grass, the reflection on the surface of the water or the realism of the rays – make clear the differences. They compare the Fortnite graphics on an iPhone X and the Xbox One X

They compare the Fortnite graphics on an iPhone X and the Xbox One X

However, the conclusion at a general level is that Fortnite for iOS It offers a great graphic quality. Yes, all at the expense of a considerable reduction of autonomy . At full performance, the battery of the iPhone X was reduced by 75% in just an hour and a half of play.

More extreme is the case of the execution of Fortnite on an iPhone 6S. In this case, the iPhone and its Apple A9 chip show that the graphic engine is far above the hardware. At this point, the details are reduced to a minimum, the shadows and effects disappear, and it is not possible to maintain an acceptable level of fluidity of the image, below 30fps.