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These images of the HTC U12 + confirm its design

500 The telephony division of the Taiwanese manufacturer it is in its lowest hours , although it seems that HTC…


The telephony division of the Taiwanese manufacturer it is in its lowest hours , although it seems that HTC wants its last days in the smartphone market to be glorious. Proof of this is seen in the New images of the HTC U12 + , the next titan of the company that shows in detail the design of what could be one of the last mobile phones of HTC .

Previously we had seen a few details of this device, which we originally expected to be called HTC U12, the next flagship of the Asian manufacturer with which it intends to compete with giants of the weight of the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Huawei P20 Pro , and now we can see the p rimeras images of the HTC U12 + and it must be said that aesthetically it looks really good.

These images of the HTC U12 + confirm its design

The images of the HTC U12 + show an all-screen design

As expected, based on the filtered images of the HTC U12 + we can see that the phone will mount a screen formed by a panel with aspect 18: 9. Highlight that it is expected that the body of the device will be manufactured in a mixture of metal and glass endowing the design of the HTC U12 + with an exceptional look and feel.

As we told you before, the HTC U12 will not exist so the HTC U12 + will be HTC’s only flagship for this year. The idea of ​​the manufacturer is to consolidate again in the telephony market presenting very complete solutions at more than adjusted prices. It may be too late for the company, although taking into account the prestige that HTC continues to have among Android users, we could see a new Motorola case in which the company resurfaces from its ashes thanks to the HTC U12 +.

What we can confirm is that the next workhorse of the Taiwanese giant will have some features that will extol him in the highest range of the sector. In this way we can expect that, between the different Technical characteristics of the HTC U12 + Highlight the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor along with a configuration of 6 GB of RAM that will allow to move any game or application without major problems, due to the graphic load that these require.

The terminal, which will have 64 or 128 GB of internal storage , you will get on the trolley of dual camera systems by integrating two lenses both on the front and the back, so we can expect the HTC U12 + camera to be one of its strengths.

Now we just have to wait for HTC to announce the Official presentation of the HTC U12 + to see what the manufacturer surprises us with. Because there is one thing very clear: although the company is in the last to the best is in time to overcome the flight. And if they launch the phone at a good price and with limited units, it could be the surprise of the year.

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