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These are the prices of the HTC U12 +: cheaper than a Galaxy S9


HTC does not give up and the next may 23 will present its proposal for the range of East 2018, are the last to arrive with Xiaomi and that makes the pressure to launch an attractive product to the market even greater. As usual, the flagships are surrounded by rumors and leaks, and now the HTC U12 + prices those that have come to light thanks to an online store.

The good news is that the future HTC U12 + will be something original and will not use notch , the bad thing is that the design, although premium, does not stop looking somewhat outdated, reminiscent of the LG G6 but with some less harmonic lines than the device of the Koreans.

Prices of the HTC U12 + and some of its features

The HTC U12 + will be sold in two variants with 64 and 128 GB of storage (nothing is known of a version with 256GB) at prices between $ 730 and 770 for the basic version and about 800/830 dollars for the 128 GB version. If we take into account that the Galaxy S9 already cost 849 euros with a storage of 64 GB, HTC seems to have chosen a slightly more adjusted price policy that allows it to be more competitive.

The HTC U12 + will be finished in glass and will show some rather thin upper and lower bevels, which leaves us with a screen / chassis ratio of the best on the market. HTC chooses to place the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, although the truth is that the lower frame would have allowed to place it there without problems.

These are the prices of the HTC U12 +: cheaper than a Galaxy S9

This smartphone will show up to 4 cameras, two on each side of it, and which are expected to have a resolution of 12Mpx , but with different openings f / 1.8 and f / 2.6 , which suggests that the second will be destined to act as optical zoom.

For the front, resolutions of 8MP in both sensors, although any type of data about the sensor used or its opening is unknown. In any case, everything points to HTC has placed special emphasis on the photographic section of the device, and therefore we will have one of the best smartphones of the year in this regard.

These are the prices of the HTC U12 +: cheaper than a Galaxy S9

These are the prices of the HTC U12 +: cheaper than a Galaxy S9

The rest of Known specifications of the HTC U12 + they go through a screen d 6 inches with resolution WQHD, a processor Snapdragon 845, resistance to water and dust IP68, 6 GB of RAM, compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0, fast charge Quick Charge 4+ and a battery of 3500mAh .

Hope HTC this time with the key and have a good level of sales, it would be a shame for a company with its history to end up leaving the market.