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These are the new features for WhatsApp groups


WhatsApp is an inexhaustible source of news in recent weeks, not only for the people who try to spy on him , but also by all What’s new and the messages able to block it . Today we echo the new functions for WhatsApp groups, which will allow us to manage them in a much more effective way and avoid some damages from them.

There are 6 in total the news included in the latest version of WhatsApp, which we summarize below.

So are the new features for WhatsApp groups

This is what you will find as soon as you update the application to its latest version and restart it:

A new group description

Now we will have a new summary available below the information where we can write the rules of it, its thematic or any other information. And if they join us in that group, we think it’s a message with that information.

More control for administrators

Now the administrators will have the possibility to configure that people can change the name, the image or the description of the group, something ideal for that friend “graciosillo” who is always touching what he should not.

These are the new features for WhatsApp groups

Now it will be easier to recover lost time

If we have been absent from a group for a certain time, now we can press a button @ located in the lower corner that will take us to all the messages that have been mentioned, to be able to read them and answer them if necessary.

Find out who’s around here

The new functions for groups of WhatsApp now allow us to see at a glance from the information screen who are the members of the same, something that can be very useful in what cases.

These are the new features for WhatsApp groups

These are the new features for WhatsApp groups

Fleeing the heavy

It has happened to all of us that we leave a group because it only has spam or very heavy videos and there is always a member of the group who insists again and again to include us in it. Now WhatsApp allows us the option of prohibiting us from being included in a group that we left, because not all the second parts are good.

It’s my group and I’ll take it

WhatsApp wants to manage the groups is something more coherent and orderly, and that is why it is established a new permit system where administrators can remove privileges to the members that they decide. In addition to this, unwanted plots are prevented, since the creators of the groups can no longer be eliminated of his creation.

These functions are now available for both Android and WhatsApp and we believe that they are a good step forward to fight the terrible competition of Telegram, much more complex than WhatsApp in several aspects.