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These are the most powerful phones of May 2018 according to AnTuTu


Just a couple of months ago, the most powerful mobile AnTuTu they were carried out by processors of the last year but of great characteristics like the Kirin 970 that impels the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Mate 1 0. However, the emergence of the Snapdragon 845 has overturned this classification and the most powerful phones of May 2018 according to AnTuTu they are all equipped with the latest Qualcomm processor.

The update of the list of the 10 best-performing phones tested on the platform between May 1 and May 31 includes newly launched smartphones like the OnePlus 6 or the Xiaomi Black Shark. Precisely the smartphone of OnePlus is the one that reaches, by little, the first positions, with a score of 274,910. The Smartisan R1, smartphone exclusively sold in China and also works with the same CPU ranks second, with 272.520 points. The podium closes with another Chinese smartphone presented a few weeks ago, the Xiaomi Black Shark that includes the same SoC and that obtains 270.235 points.

These are the most powerful phones of May 2018 according to AnTuTu

Few changes in the AnTuTu list

He Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 + , smartphones that became the most powerful Android phones from March 2018 Some posts are down on the list, a situation that will surely be reversed as soon as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 lands on the market in late summer. He Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S now moves to sixth place with a score of 261,719, followed by another smartphone for gamers recently released to the market, the Nubia Red Magic. In this case, the smartphone reaches 215,904 points.

They close the mobile list that a couple of months ago, as we have related before, reached the Top 3 of most powerful mobile phones in the market according to AnTutu: the Huawei Mate 10 Pro , he Huawei Mate 10 and the Honor V10. These phones have 212,001, 211,566 and 210,616 points respectively. These three phones work with the Kirin 970 chipset. It is striking not to find in the list the Huawei P20 Y Huawei P20 Pro with Kirin 970 engine that were launched in March of this year, but already last month we saw how both terminals were behind, in terms of power, Huawei’s current high-end phablets.

It is expected that the most powerful mobiles of June 2018 give a special prominence to Xiaomi Mi 8 , a phone capable of overcoming the barrier of 300,000 points in anTuTu according to the manufacturer. Then we will check how much these statements really do.