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These are the countries in which Facebook censors more content

These are the countries in which Facebook censors more content

The red line that separates the appropriate and the objectionable content is very, very, very fine when we talk about Facebook . The social network has somethat, by the way, they must adapt to the standards of each country . It is what has to be one of the most used websites in the world, which never rains to everyone’s taste. Recently, the company, which does not go through its best in terms of reputation, has published a pretty interesting report that shows some data worthy of dealing with.

It is about yourbiannual about “Content restrictions based on local laws” . In it we can see what countries and groups are the ones with which, most often, they ask Facebook to Remove content for violating local laws. Such data, as reported from, they cover the second half of 2017 (July-December), and in them we can see which country that asks for the most content to be removed is Turkey, followed closely by Mexico, India and Germany.

As you can see in the image below, Facebook had to eliminate 3,832 publications in Turkey . The requests were issued by the national communications authority, the courts and the Ministry of Health, among other governmental entities. As they say from Facebook , the censored content “It covered a series of crimes that include violations of personal rights, personal privacy, defamation of Atatürk [former president of the country and founder of the same] and the unauthorized sale of regulated products” .

These are the countries in which Facebook censors more content

These are the countries in which Facebook censors more content


Turkey has been condemned on several occasions for its repression against the freedom of expression of its citizens and media. One of the most recent cases was in March 2018, when the government imprisoned two journalists after the attempted coup.

In second place we find Mexico, with 2,280 publications eliminated . Of these, 2,100 showed a video of a school shooting at the beginning of the year. In this it was seen how the shooter down several students before taking his life explicitly (reason more than enough for the clip is removed, of course). It was much worse during the first half of the year, when the video had to be deleted more than 20,000 times .

India, on the other hand, takes the bronze by restricting Defamatory content against religion, blasphemy, incitement to hate and defamation of state . Germany, fourth in the ranking, requested the withdrawal of 1,893 publications, most of them related to the Holocaust denial , something illegal in the country. In the case of Spain , only 87 publications related to the incitement to hatred, defamation and, also, denial of the holocaust.

If you want to consult all the data you can do from. You can filter by country and see which organizations have requested the withdrawal of the content, the reasons and the laws that regulate it.